Report: Microsoft to bring support for Android apps in Windows 10 next year, x86 emulation for ARM processors

26 November 2020
What else can we expect from Microsoft next year?

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Correction: x86 emulation has been supported for years, the windows central article says x64 emulation will be introduced in 2021.

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Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020I became a Windows Insider and started using Windows 10 on ... moreMillions of people used Windows 10.
Nobody had those issues.

Only time Windows was unsuable for most average folks was in the days of Windows 98 with 512mb RAM

ARM has become second in innovation, first being Apple while Intel and AMD are trying to catch up when it comes to CPU improvements. The only thing holding back their performance is the lack of demanding software mostly found in x86. If Microsoft can improve the user experience of Windows on ARM and more manufacturers utilise ARM processors, it's going to eat x86 market share. For now, the progress is rather lazy and slow.

I'm definitely still waiting for the official x64 emulation for W10 ARM. It has been long overdue now if you ask me.

About Microsoft bringing support for Android apps in Windows 10, isn't that sound exactly like Project Astoria before?

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rolandudv, 26 Nov 2020Search which is considered a basic function in an Operating... moreI became a Windows Insider and started using Windows 10 on my main laptop (back in 2015). Windows 10 was almost unusable in earlier builds, I thought that it would all be fixed in a year. Here we are almost hitting 2021; search is broken as you mentioned, windows store does not show correct download progress, wi-fi occasionally disconnects automatically and much more.

Search which is considered a basic function in an Operating System still does not work properly on Windows 10, yet here we are, they're thinking of supporting Android apps. What a bunch of idiots, they'll never learn. They should just focus for 2 years on fixing their buggy OS instead of always including something that people never asked for.

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Beethoven, 26 Nov 2020This is window answer to rosseta 2 that can run ios app. ... moreIt's nice to dream

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zodiacfml, 26 Nov 2020Intel, look what have you done?! It could be messy that Arm... moreValue and quality/stability/durability are different things. Go for Intel CPU coupled by Nvidia GPU if you want to get many benefits.

This is window answer to rosseta 2 that can run ios app.

RIP ROSSETA 2 ON 2021 ⚰️
Bacause of no user developer will abondon this macos 😂
No games and subpar apps 😢

Because of subpar os of this mac noone will buy this without MS support 😂

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020GG lol.. M1 best chip, running Android / Windows / iOS /... moreM1 is arm based chip.
It will be good for Arm based devices.
Windows based PC won't run great on M1 chip because of lack of support.
x86 emulation isn't the same as a proper x86 OS dual booted.

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Currently Ubuntu OS is available in Windows 10 via Microsoft Store as App. But it is restricted to terminal mode only. It will be better if Microsoft manages to release GUI version of Ubuntu with full support from Canonical. It (Ubuntu) should be available as full fledge software just like MS Office or any other exe software and not as terminal app.

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Chemist83, 26 Nov 2020Now I am excited. I have a mac mini and a surface laptop. I... moreYou can use BlueStacks in the interim to run Android Apps on Windows or Mac.

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Really and also promising a serious threat to google and android...what if windows runs on phones

Now I am excited. I have a mac mini and a surface laptop. I was going to buy a macbook for the ios apps but android apps are good enough for me. I want apps like wyze and other apps not avaliable on either windows or macos

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can we play pubg mobile then on windows

Your post was lack of clarity. Microsoft already supports x86 in the ARM processor. What will Microsoft do in 2021 is implementing support for x86 64 bit (a.k.a x86-64 or simply x64).

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GG lol..

M1 best chip, running Android / Windows / iOS / Linux / MacOS

The M1 performance per watt, is creating a revolution in the PC world. Its coming.

I think MS is a little late on the uptake if they are actually thinking of making an x86 emulation on ARM now. I hope it has already been in development for more than a few years if it has any hope of competing with Rosetta 2, which by all accounts, is amazing!

[deleted post]lol ... seriously ??

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if arm based support mac able run win10
mean mac arm version
can run
-Mac app
-Ios app
-Win10 app
-Android app