Report: Microsoft to bring support for Android apps in Windows 10 next year, x86 emulation for ARM processors

26 November 2020
What else can we expect from Microsoft next year?

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  • Quericus

dude111, 26 Nov 2020W98 with 512MB of RAM? That's ultra high-end for it... moreActually 512mb *wasn't* the absolute limit of Win98se. Thanks to a final unofficial Service Pack that OS was able to access up to 2gb on my Pentium 3 computer. BSoDs rarely happened, and if it did happened rebooting was whiplash fast; only the hard drive was the bottleneck. Glory days glory days. ;)

  • Chufos

It will only work and be a success when microsoft brings ability to make and receive calls on windows 10, microsoft has this plan why will they kill windows 10 mobile or even make surface duo to use android instead of Windows.

  • ME

Microsoft goes Chromebook.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Not even that emulation. M1 is proprietary of Apple and it ... moreDon't bother arguing with Junior.
Junior Doesn't Know (JDK)

  • Anonymous

wisnia, 28 Nov 2020well, Windows 10 ARM version have already been run successf... moreNo proof, QEMU virtualizer for M1 is fake news.

  • wisnia

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Not even that emulation. M1 is proprietary of Apple and it ... morewell, Windows 10 ARM version have already been run successfully in QEMU on M1 Mac sooooooo you're wrong

  • Anonymous

Windows laptop with android phone is the best mix.

Will my ARM based Surface RT be able to run this flavour of OS?

Anonymous, 27 Nov 2020Not even that emulation. M1 is proprietary of Apple and it ... moreyou believe android authority?

What a huge joke.

  • Anonymous

JDK, 27 Nov 2020"X86 emulation". Not dual support. Emulation.Not even that emulation. M1 is proprietary of Apple and it will not have virtualization of other operating systems, M1 is not compatible with ARM instruction sets used by Windows OS for ARM. You are stuck with Apple store. That was the whole point of making it, control over the software used on Apple hardware. About speed, M1 uses a higher clock so it is normal to run in average faster but Intel uses for short periods turbo clock and runs for shot time faster than M1. In the end for normal use Intel is still faster than M1 because the higher base clock of M1 is lost power on idle, inactivity.

iOS.Never.Again, 26 Nov 2020M1 is arm based chip. It will be good for Arm based device... more"X86 emulation".

Not dual support. Emulation.

Beethoven, 26 Nov 2020This is window answer to rosseta 2 that can run ios app. ... moresalty boi confirmed.

Every single reviewer is praising the macbook air(except android authority, OF COURSE!).

Leaving you droidboizzz behind.

remember "M1 macs are selling higher than expected"? Yeah.

newpuroo, 26 Nov 2020wtf who needs android apps on a pc 😆😱I definitely would. It offers best of both world flexibility without owning a lot of hardware. Even Samsung has been doing the same thing for Windows 10 Your Phone app.

Actually, Android on the desktop would be pretty hand at times. With the rise of Android over Windows, there are a number of apps for device control, IoT, etc. that simply don't exist on Windows. As well, with Apple already adding iOS support to MacOS, even if it's rather primitive in the early versions (Apple finally found a good reason to put touchscreens in laptops, but still didn't), this is a perfect counter to Apple.

  • Love the Community

I'd happily accept ARM as my architecture for Desktop PCs if they emulate old x86/x64 games flawlessly like Unreal Tournament 1999 or recently like Crysis. If ARM can make 3D movies create a good looking movie like Jurassic Park in the 90's (learnt it from ColdFusion's video) then it should run Crysis 1080p 144hz in "Can it run Crysis?" graphics settings.

Here's to hoping AMD to make a Ryzen successor and Radeon GPU in 2022 using ARM.

  • A Non eMouse

Anyone using Windows outside the office is deluding themselves. Microsoft is not committed to Windows. They haven't been for about 5 years now. It's all about Azure and 365 subscriptions. Compare it with Tim Cook and his recent personal public commitment to Macs and that fantastic "one more thing" event releasing the M1 chip and Big Sur. Can anyone see Satya Nadella standing behind Windows? Hardly.

  • Annas

We know Microsoft trying something and most of the times abandon them
Windows RT
Windows Arm
Windows mobile
and so on
Lets hope this report is a real thing and something polished like Apple did
What apple has is a run Maya under rosetta2 and still better than same device category Intel/amd is insane
Microsoft already working on virtualisation win10 for M1 macs
If Microsoft is not coming fast with this...

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Millions of people used Windows 10. Nobody had those issue... moreW98 with 512MB of RAM?

That's ultra high-end for its time! hahaha. W98 had a recommended spec of 24MB.
Vista was the one running like crap on 512

  • Anonymous

newpuroo, 26 Nov 2020wtf who needs android apps on a pc 😆😱People who have desktop computers but not cell phones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020I became a Windows Insider and started using Windows 10 on ... moreYou are full of it, I was a windows insider from windows 8, and as windows 10 was given to us it was mostly based upon 8 with a few ui tweaks, it was later changed to what we had on launch and on the systems I had it installed on we only had a few issues from incompatible drivers which were actually fixed quite quickly, for these companies that is, gaming performance was improved as was the search function over 7 and 8 and I use these daily in my day to day tasks.