2020 Winners and Losers: LG

03 January 2021
LG has been doing plenty of soul-searching in 2020 and we expect to see some potentially exciting development soon.

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  • Aravind N

As per your lg velvet review is ok ok. But when I come to service there's no proper response from your service center and even there was no screen guard or back case now it is visible some where and your service response is too bad. And it's all happened in Bangalore shanthi nagar branch. I was complained them on November in between and they still not responded me to change my display why because lg company as sell only mobile with charger but not back case and screen guard I have ever saw worst experience from lg for the very first time. Keep it up and good luck.

  • Disco Dave

I had a G4, G5 & G6 and loved them all from the cameras to simple android skin. They had so many features that made using the phone and setting it up so much easier.

However they all ended up with faults like loosing 4G connection, cracked camera glass, crashing and for all the LG support was terrible so I gave up on them. Such a shame.

I have been tempted by some of the latest models but opted for a Google Pixel 5 for now.

  • Pete

Only owned LG smarrphones but my LG G7 will be my last. Hardware is great but they are way behind on updates.

  • Manav

FarFan, 04 Jan 2021Hope they will get rid of notch and holes, and I will buy a... moreNice website

  • FarFan

Hope they will get rid of notch and holes, and I will buy again one of the most well rounded flagships.

Must be just me but I like quirky. The LG wing is something I like, it has the old school Nokia written all over it and I like it.

  • Kimee

It is actually the price that makes the V60 ThinQ a loser. It is always the price for LG.

  • kmcmurtrie

The V60, to me, was a loser because the radio is customized for a single cell carrier. The Velvet 5G is a lower cost phone with similar features and enough international cell bands to at least marginally work while traveling.

  • Anonymous

Wait till you see LG rollable phone!- meh...
Samsung new rollable phone! - Awesome!

  • Anonymous

lg wing is innovation of the year 2020 in phone department.

  • Syed

I have wing n its wonderful using it .
Grt innovation.

YUKI93, 03 Jan 2021You are right about Quad DAC, only LG use it on their phone... moreSome of the high-end Samsung also had some serious DAC inside.. And lately some phones from Xiaomi are also advertised as 'Hi-Res Certified' but never tried one, so I'm not sure what they have inside..

  • Anonymous

Quielo, 03 Jan 2021I have a 5g Velvet. I would have bought the Wing if there h... moreImo the wing is a fun toy, but not really anything too great. The Velvet is definitely better.

LG Velvet and LG Wing are both winners for me, since LG has the guts to come with the Wing and also release it rather keeping it a concept, is a winner for me. The Velvet shows that LG can make a very sleek and very good looking phone with high end specs and a very good chipset for a very reasonable price, especially after some price cuts. The lack of marketing is a bit sad, because that could make the Velvet sell a lot more units.

  • Quielo

I have a 5g Velvet. I would have bought the Wing if there had been a better deal on it. The dual screen case is really good for Outlook as I can get the headers on one screen and the messages on the other.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021Uncle LongPost, when is your waterproof pop up camera coming? Either when I'm rich (soon™) or when someone decides to take my idea and to make something out of it 🤣

  • Anonymous

AnonD-909757, 03 Jan 2021May the LG Wing be a lesson. It was NOT meant for selling ... moreUncle LongPost, when is your waterproof pop up camera coming?

  • Anonymous

Love my LG v60 the fact that it has ❤️FM radio , audio, headphone jack, wireless battery charge. The 😔 refresh rates could have been at least 120hz. This phone should have been on the open market. You would have had better sales instead of using Verizon.

  • Golden lion

Bockwurst, 03 Jan 2021It would have helped the V60 if more markets could have rec... moreWhat do you mean?

  • Golden lion

Mxx, 03 Jan 2021LG's hardware is top rate. And pricing is very competi... moreLg entry level phones use stock Android