Xiaomi announces MIUI 12.5 that is quicker, safer and prettier than ever

28 December 2020
The interface will allow effortless transition between Windows and Android, closed beta starts seeding tomorrow.

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  • Anky
  • v$D
  • 19 May 2023

Redmi split(dual) screen updates are not good in current version.
In older version I can change second screen keeping first screen running on display. But now if I want to change the second screen, I have to exit from dual screen.
Can we change the settings?

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    • Anonymous
    • PSF
    • 16 Aug 2022

    Am I the only one who is facing the boot loop issue ? It's like my phone just keeps restarting in every 10-15 mins or less. Bugs can be frustrating

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      • Redminote8
      • 61E
      • 15 Jul 2022

      MIUI 12.5.2 cannot split screen my apps like the older version🤦‍♀️ the floating windows in this miui version didnt really useful, I hope they fix this on the next update.

        • S
        • Sumit
        • Hkw
        • 12 Nov 2021

        Arshad Abir, 17 Oct 2021Miui 12.5.2 is the worst update I've ever seen. 12.5.1... moreTruee💯💯💯

          Running MIUI 12.6 , save for a bug in the recents menu where some app windows bug out and can't switch to them (I don't use that anyway), there's really no system drawbacks. And there's a nice little "memory extension" feature that adds 2gb of virtual ram. Battery actually lasts longer, got more than 12 hours sot. Happy to be back to stock after 2 months of being on custom ROM, nothing beats stock MIUI.

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            • Arshad Abir
            • 2FY
            • 17 Oct 2021

            Roman, 16 Jan 2021Please fix battery drained in note 9 pro max and screen bla... moreYou're damn right my friend.

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              • Arshad Abir
              • 2FY
              • 17 Oct 2021

              Miui 12.5.2 is the worst update I've ever seen. 12.5.1 was far better. This update is totally battery hungry and has a bunch of bugs.

                • r
                • romnick
                • y6V
                • 28 Sep 2021

                miui 12.5.1 cannot read otg lags on games cannot update miui no permission on updates. notes wait for a minute or two how to fix this pls help

                  • J
                  • Jay payel
                  • fCQ
                  • 31 Aug 2021

                  After update 12.5 there are many touch issue.
                  Lots of lags in gaming..

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                    • Anonymous
                    • jde
                    • 19 Aug 2021

                    Ironi, 18 Aug 2021Xiaomi like other phones make us get update so they can slo... moreSo, the same as Apple.

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                      • Ironi
                      • txn
                      • 19 Aug 2021

                      Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020LOL never imagined my Redmi Note 7s would get an update eve... moreNot like other brand xiaomi support his system for 3 year

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                        • Ironi
                        • vgN
                        • 18 Aug 2021

                        Xiaomi like other phones make us get update so they can slow down our phone, so they can make us buy new phone

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                          • Ironi
                          • vgN
                          • 18 Aug 2021

                          Your phone no longer get miui update

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                            • Neo
                            • 7Xc
                            • 10 Aug 2021

                            fast charging degraded. Before charging takes only 1:35:00 but after update 1:50:00 or later. Charging added 10-20 minutes. In addition, drain faster.

                              • X
                              • Xiaomi wth
                              • 7Xb
                              • 26 Jul 2021

                              Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021most st-u-pi-d update releaseb by Xiaomi! global ... moreMine is redmi note 8 pro and it takes 35 mins just to charge 25 percent and its draining like hell. Wth

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                                • phhpro
                                • dM0
                                • 04 Jul 2021

                                ever since the borked an11 update i've been fetching tons of gigas hoping to get the recent button back working. nope. and this latest update orgy apparently breaks more yet. booting up my f2 pro now takes forever, re-installing bloat crap without even asking, wallpapers are gone completely. thanks a bunch. that was my first 'show-me' and definitely my last. what a pile of rubbish.

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                                  • H
                                  • 3HA
                                  • 24 Jun 2021

                                  Mi 10t pro having severe issues with latest update including speaker issues (software related)
                                  My mi mix 3 5g is now lagging
                                  What the hell xaiomi?!

                                    • J
                                    • John
                                    • tVm
                                    • 15 Jun 2021

                                    Lol, prettier? No thanks, stock AOSP UI is still the way forward.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • KZK
                                      • 10 Jun 2021

                                      most st-u-pi-d update releaseb by Xiaomi! global
                                      nothing quicker but a double sluggish to the phone!

                                      my redmi note 10 pro facing these msin issues:

                                      -battery drain like hell..

                                      -proximity sensor problem during end call.

                                      -Wifi intermittent signal lost/ disconnected.

                                      - sluggish or feel less smooth screen and certain apps launching slower

                                      - Cleaner apps become very slow, tooks double period to complete a scanning even only 0 mb junk. SO OBVIOUS!

                                      - Phone back side heating up during charging, even on standby mode. (It is a symptom that the charging controller and management not well optimized, thus will shorten the battery life.)

                                      what else to do with mui 12???

                                        "Xiaomi also boasted about being the company that brings the least system apps" - They're talking about 12.5, but i know from experience that MIUI 11 is bloated like all of the other OEM UIs out there. At least Xiaomi likes to give choice, on phones like the Redmi 7 there is a well supported version of LineageOS 18.x (clean Android 11 but better). With luck, if you don't have a phone that will update to MIUI 12.5 or you don't like MIUI, you can see if your model is supported by the project.