Xiaomi announces MIUI 12.5 that is quicker, safer and prettier than ever

28 December 2020
The interface will allow effortless transition between Windows and Android, closed beta starts seeding tomorrow.

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  • 28 Dec 2020

AnonD-923722, 28 Dec 2020Chinese nrands nowadays makes very impressive skinned softw... moreYou're like me. We both love stock skins.. But I've seen more people like other skins more than stock..

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    • 28 Dec 2020

    Chinese nrands nowadays makes very impressive skinned software compared to before. Before the android 10 version of their software implementation, their software all except OxygenOS are trash. MIUI, EMUI, COLOROS, FUNTOUCH OS, REALME UI BEFORE ARE TRASH. but now, especially funtouchos and coloros, they are very impressive. Very stock feeling fast, lots of features, but the bloatware is still there. I don't mind ads and bloatwares. So good job, Chinese brands. Just hoping that Huawei could catch up with their HMS

      Comparing IOS with MUI is exactly like
      Comparing iphone 12 pro max with Redmi 9

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        • 28 Dec 2020

        I actually really liked MIUI even before I got iPhone. Probably because of MIUI's similarity to iOS. Most people complain it's bloated and whatnot, but I really appreciated built-in weather in notification which was very accurate for me, the bandwidth used settings were also very powerful and built-in antivirus very handy which scans every APK before installation, so it's not really using any resources afterwards. Saved me so much time and space using other services or apps because these built-in were already so good and nice looking. Only thing that annoyed me is how older devices don't really get major Android updates, but instead only get new MIUI "launchers". While most functionality is there, it's annoying that OS's core doesn't really get updated with the "update". Just the stuff running on top. But other than that, Xiaomi was a nice experience.