Xiaomi Mi 11 arrives as the first phone with Snapdragon 888

28 December 2020
There is no charger in the retail box but Xiaomi will give one for free if you ask nicely.

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Whackcar, 28 Dec 2020The only disappointing part is the lack of any optical zoom... moreCompletely agree. The lack of any form of optical lens is surprising in this tier. Good price or not.
I find MIUI quite approachable, coming from Oxygen.
Tbf though I've used Smart launcher for the last couple of years so there's very little difference seen day to day.

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Android Authority, 28 Dec 2020Don't care how much a device sells. Better device sta... moreIs this the Android Authority website people? Or you just using their name because you're lacking in creativity and intelligence?

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AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2020What if the batteries explode though, you definitely loose ... moreI'd be surprise if they have 150 mAh.

  • AnonD-909757

Mikele, 28 Dec 2020Yeah I destest these trending things - removal of included ... moreThe issue is people defending the removal of the Jack or the presence of annoying and invasive things like punch hole, notch and curved edge display.
That's because of them that variety is dead, smartphones have tons of undesired features, useful stuff are removed, and manufacturers don't listen to community or customers in general.

  • Anonymous

Don't worry about the single phone launch. Next they will launch with all of alphabet, then in numbers and then with names and then rebrand it into poco and redmi and when they are bored they will. Go with version called china, india, global. Also dont forget these current statergies. May come up with other alphabet of the regions their launching as well.

  • Aquila

Headphone jack and good dac with mqa 192khz decoding would have been great. No need for separate music player then. How much would the implementation would cost for Xiaomi?

The only disappointing part is the lack of any optical zoom whatsoever. Considering the price though, it seems like a good deal.

MIUI isn't everyone's cup of tea though...

  • AnonD-909757

Andr, 28 Dec 2020Just use an adapter...Or just leave the 3.5mm Jack as it is and don't use it, it literally do no arms to you, desired by the MAJORITY and is REQUIRED by some.

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Xiaomi - Innovation Apple - No Innovation Samsung - Half and Half.

  • AnonD-909757

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Bluetooth does not give brain tumor. No power enough for ... moreWhat if the batteries explode though, you definitely loose your face.

  • AnonD-909757

notafanboy, 28 Dec 2020adapters are fine for MOST people. Audiophiles are a MINORI... moreAnd having a Jack port on all physically compatible Smartphones cause no issues what so ever to anyone.
Having to deal with adapter that have issues and aren't even cross-brands compatible mean you can't watch a movie and charge your phone during a commute, which is a common scenario.

Let's make it clear, there are not a single legitimate reason against the Jack, and there are many for it, unlike a punch hole or curved edges display you can perfectly ignore it, and except pure egocentric thinking, there isn't a single valid reason to push against the Jack, period.

Now, I can't wait for this to be reviewed cause all sounds like killer bean specs.

Dometalican, 28 Dec 2020You've probably asked a million times and suggested th... moreadapters are fine for MOST people. Audiophiles are a MINORITY. Do you understand this simple fact?

  • Dometalican

Andr, 28 Dec 2020Just use an adapter...You've probably asked a million times and suggested this as much and we've explained a million times why an adapter is worse. Please do yourself a favor and stop promoting removal of features that have never hurt you by being on devices and move on with your life

Thank you.

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2020Except that 12 Pro Max will easily sell 30 million units, w... moreDon't care how much a device sells.
Better device stays the better device.

Premium Quality features won't suddenly appear on the iPhone 12 pro Max because a few more million people bought it over the MI 11.

Those 30 million people would still be stuck with outdated 20W charging and outdated 60hz screen. Also iOS lacks plenty of features that are standard on MIUI (or Android in general)

Anders, 28 Dec 2020"Pricing begins at CNY3,999 ($610/€500)" But w... moreAbsolutely even here in Africa is the same trends all times

AnonD-909757, 28 Dec 2020Your welcome, there is nothing worse than anti-Jack who hav... moreYeah I destest these trending things - removal of included accessories without any good justification. I believe consumers has power to reject and stay away from such foolishness acts.

They actually gave us a free charger! This is what should be, if you have a charger, use that and if you don't, you get one for free.

"Pricing begins at CNY3,999 ($610/€500)"

But will probably cost €750 in Europe. Xiaomi flagships have never been worth buying. Their midrange and budget phones are what makes the company relevant

  • Zeecoder

Now that M1 is out, I'm looking forward to other ARM chips releasing considerably high performance/ efficient chips, this can only get better for consumers now that there's real competition + incentives to release good ARM processors.