My top 5 phones of 2020 - Vlad

03 January 2021
This Top 5 is unlike any other Top 5.

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  • 04 Jan 2021

For me the best phone for 2017 through 2020 is the glorious LG V30 for its excellent display quality/wide screen aspect ratio/brightness .. unmatched Internal DAC to headphone jack to this day.. was thinking about an upgrade still can't find anything equivalent nor better. Sell phones in general going up in price coming with less features and cheaper internals/components.

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    • Burak
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    • 04 Jan 2021

    AnonD-972548, 03 Jan 2021The S20 FE 5G is a good phone, no doubt about that. The onl... moreGenerally Samsung has a heating problem. After owning of 2 different Huawei model within last 4 years, I decided to buy s20+5g since Swisscom has a promotion. After using this phone for 1 week, sold it again due to following reasons:
    -heating of processor
    -finger print does not work with protection glass unless you have a hole into glass
    -battery doesn't keep for a day.

    My previous phone was Huawei p30pro and now I am using p40pro after selling my s20+. Honestly China phones have great quality. Only cone that I has, was Google services but there is also the way to hack it and use it unrestricted. All points that I mentioned here above is not case for Huawei like overheating and some others. Fingerprint and 3d face scanning is very quick....

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      • 03 Jan 2021

      I think the Vivo IQOO 5 is the most underrated Flagship Smartphone of the Year 2020.

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        • Larry Holston
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        • 03 Jan 2021

        I liked the Oppo Find X2 Pro, but looking at existing mixed opinions from actual owners of the phone I decided to skip it.
        Xiaomi is not an option for me due to their pushy adware.

          Anonymous, 03 Jan 2021Finally someone with a good taste!yes,I agree , it looks like some reviewers just based their choices on just spec and the price alone. I dont believe that they were able to fully utilize the sheer number of phones that they have their in gsm arena

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            • 03 Jan 2021

            Waiting for Angie's turn

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              • 03 Jan 2021

              Ak, 03 Jan 2021Lover of Chinese phones uhh? Remember the keyword.... Chine... moreya lets not go there, shall we

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                • 03 Jan 2021

                MarcosSD, 03 Jan 2021You like colour OS really 🤔🤔....and best flagship killer is... moreThe S20 FE 5G is a good phone, no doubt about that. The only problem is that it costs almost 800EUR in Czechia. I don't know how it is in other countries.
                For comparison, the Realme X50 Pro 5G costs 550EUR.
                I don't know about other people, but I am not considering an 800EUR phone a "flagship killer".

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                  • 03 Jan 2021

                  Android Authority, 03 Jan 2021Thank you Vlad.... Some of the people on this site still t... moreEven though I admit I didn't liked Chinese phones in the past, they come a long way. And even though I still think that MiUi is not the best Android skin out there, it is also true that I didn't used flagship Xiaomi phones to take full advantage of that.
                  Imo, phones like Realme, Xiaomi and One Plus are very good, compared to the competition, taking in consideration their prices too. And I also think that people who hate phones from this brands, have never really used one.

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                    • 03 Jan 2021

                    An interesting list from Vlad not the Impaler.

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                      • 03 Jan 2021

                      Lover of Chinese phones uhh? Remember the keyword.... 2020

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                        • 03 Jan 2021

                        Thanks Vlad.

                        Right choice.

                        But a reasonable and easy phone to use with curved 90hz screen with an average size is the Oneplus 8.

                        Taller than 16cm and heavier than 200g isn't pleasant to an everyday experience.

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                          • 03 Jan 2021

                          Finally someone with a good taste!

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                            • 03 Jan 2021

                            I love OPPO find x2 pro.
                            I think it's a best flashship phone.

                              AnonD-923722, 03 Jan 2021Wow, something different. I like it. It is very unique. Wou... moreThey need to furnish a separate article tabulating the top 5 phones from all the staff.
                              This way we know which phone made the top 5 list the most. That phone can be
                              crowned "Phone of the year 2020"

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                                • Mohd Ansari
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                                • 03 Jan 2021

                                Only samsung s20 series is better ...

                                  Thank you Vlad....
                                  Some of the people on this site still think that 2020 Chinese Android skins like Color OS and MIUI are bad.
                                  This is a tight slap on their face. 👋👋

                                    MarcosSD, 03 Jan 2021You like colour OS really 🤔🤔....and best flagship killer is... moreExcept for the touchscreen issues that have yet to be fixed? And the latest version of Color OS is really, really good.

                                      You like colour OS really 🤔🤔....and best flagship killer is S20 FE 5G no discussion from camera to software to features everything is flagship grade

                                        I like how you explained your reason for the choice.