My top 5 phones of 2020 - Vlad

03 January 2021
This Top 5 is unlike any other Top 5.

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Well done Vlad, nice résumé..
Tried both,Oppo Find X2 Pro (non orange veggie leather version,just an ordinary black) and Mi 10 similar but (very) different,but I'd go with Xiaomi,for cameras alone..but then, there's Mi 10 Ultra,for the same money,way less than Oppo.Why? your colleague Peter explained,"it's better to have physics on your side than fight it in software"..regarding pixel race and the size of them.Credits to Peter,somebody actually said it!

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    • 03 Jan 2021

    raisempal, 03 Jan 2021I've read the editor's top five phones and most o... morethe best phones are flagships????

    😨😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 !!!1!!!111

    they never specified "budget phones" or any categories, they have a separate article for that titled "all-rounders" or something

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      • 03 Jan 2021

      Unique, but great choice, Vlad. Though I would switch the Realme X50 Pro with Realme X3 Superzoom. Now that is some goodies specs for the price, flagship killer as well.

      Mate 40 Pro remains the great in camera section, though I will opt for the better P40 Pro+. Understand that the Kirin 990 a bit old (No difference for me, day to day usage performance still excellent).

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        • 03 Jan 2021

        Realme not gud...

          the s20 ultra is best looking than note 20 ultra

            love Mi10Pro too...Somehow better than the ultra version.
            Mi10Pro's camera is good enough(the ultra is better thoigh),screen are from samsung instead of the TCL(the TCL screen on Mi10Ultra is good but samsung do make better screen)
            And it have 'true' dual speaker

              raisempal, 03 Jan 2021I've read the editor's top five phones and most o... more...hey, remember this articles are based in personal experience is not a scientific experiment...this reviews are more related to personal taste..also budget and phone availability concerns are involved. In my country brands: like Oppo/Realme/Oneplus are nonexistent so most majorities of Latin American people can't express their feelings/experience about these brands unless you import them (if you have enough money)...Vlad's list was more real focused compared to other a real world escenario you must create a the top list phones incluing all levels: entry/midrage/flagship...

                I've read the editor's top five phones and most of them picked flagship phones on the list, only two of them chose mid ranger (realme 7 5G and iPhone SE). The thing is, it's easy to choose what to get as long as your budget permits. However, it's not really the case with this website readers with budget in mind, me included.

                After reading today top five article, I've decided not to read another articles, if any. It's like they just show off their gears they and I don't see any benefit for me or others hunting midrangers

                  Best flagship killer ??
                  Pfffttttt... 😂😂

                    Nice conclusion. But in the end you have to choose between oppo find x2 pro or Mi 10 Pro. If you don't worry about money, you should buy find x2 pro. If you concern about price of performance, you definitly buy Mi 10 Pro. Am I correct? Happy New Year..

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                      • 03 Jan 2021

                      Wow, something different. I like it. It is very unique. Would have been better if gsmarena gives each of its member an choice of at least 15 categories, that will be awesome, just like the MKBHD reward. MKBHD doesn't test as much phones as gsmarena does, so it should be different. And also, an editor choice or voting from the whole gsmarena team for what phone best represents each category, that will be great. Since every people has different opinions, it would be great if gsmarena does this.

                        Something different from your colleagues. Nice.

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                          • 03 Jan 2021

                          My favorite top 5 list so far