Xiaomi stops rollout of troubled Android 11 update for the Mi A3

05 January 2021
Bricked phones can be brought or mailed to official service centers for free repair (even if they are out of warranty). 

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  • Gary W

I got updated to Android 11 yesterday on Mi A3.
Great job, working well and it really does look different.
Also, is it faster?? feels faster.

Great job Google / Xiaomi 👍🙌

  • Anonymous

Same go to redmi k30. After upgrade lagged a lot

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2021Google is not the culprit. If I understand correctly these ... moreIts MIUI for xiaomi not EMUI which is for huawei.

  • Bob

This is why I gave up on Xiaomi .. I had the MiA2 Lite model and for many months I did not receive any good update to fix the system after updating to Android10. No more Xiaomi ...

  • Mehraj

Dean, 06 Jan 2021Looks like I need to change phone. I need change my phone

  • Anonymous

kemosabe, 06 Jan 2021for your reference look at nokia android one bugs their com... moreGoogle is not the culprit. If I understand correctly these are supposed to be Android One phones (core program phones) am I right?
If that's the case why are Nokia and Xiaomi attempting to tweak it?
Emui is a garbage OS so stop attempting to migrate that junk to Android One.
As for Nokia, I can only assume they are trying to put some of their failed Symbion (or whatever it was called) features into an Android One phone.
What would happen if they just pushed the actual update without tweaking it?

  • Suresh

I updated to Android 11. No issue in my MiA3.

  • Dean

Looks like I need to change phone.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

kemosabe, 06 Jan 2021for your reference look at nokia android one bugs their com... moreYes they cripple other Android so they can sell the more Pixel of Google! O3O

  • Honor 9n ok hi Hello

Which laptop is good avita liber v14 vs mi notebook 14 horizontal edition

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021What? Android one is the most stable and most smooth androi... moreEven mid rangers aren't slowing down due to heavy Android skins.
Heavy Android skins slowing down a phone compared to stock Android is a thing of the past.

Sadly people develop an impression about certain things over the years which is why you have so many people over here who still think.......Chinese = Bad.
After last year's terrible issues of Exynos 990, they've started to think Exynos = Bad.

  • Abid

Xiaomi should stop Miui and rollout the stock update with android one platform. I love android one device with Xiaomi hardware. Its smoother than ever before

  • Anonym

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021I'm not sure if Xiaomi can make changes to the code. G... moreIf you look at how Android works and the partitioning scheme in these devices then all becomes clear. The Vendor (Xiaomi) is responsible for the Vendor partition, and that holds all the drivers and everything specific to getting Android working on that device. Google creates Android, Xiaomi makes it run on their hardware. Given there are a lot of phones running Android, and that 3rd-party "stock Android" ROMs run just fine, it is pretty clear the issue is with the Xiaomi part of the equation.

  • reimbe

Calm down. Every company has it's share in flawed updates. Even Apple isn't trouble free. I am happy with the flow of updates from XIAOMI. And no problems as well. It's unfortunate when you're affected, but that's life.

  • Anonymous

Was a matter of time.

You would think they messed this up on purpose, this is not the first time Xiaomi messed up a Android One update plus they have more reason to keep users in their MIUI eco system (because mess up the update of A3, make people believe their MIUI phones are better and convince them to buy those instead)

nanagdad, 06 Jan 2021Xiaomi is garbage. Only sells hardware. You have to look &a... moreThat is why Xiaomi phones are so popular with the custom ROM community. The specs are great if not excellent, but MIUI is a total POS.

  • tomo100brt

Xiaomi User, 06 Jan 2021Miui 12.5 is garbage. Android 11 is trash. Literally Xiaomi... moreAndroid 11 is not trash. XIAOMI updates are trash. I have got update to Android 11 on Samsung and Sony and no problems.

  • Xiaomi User

Miui 12.5 is garbage. Android 11 is trash. Literally Xiaomi sucks with its updates. Numerous amount of bugs, they made my 2y/o flagship phone slower and slower with each update. I'LL NEVER BUY ANOTHER XIAOMI PHONE AGAIN. PERIODT.

  • kemosabe

Anonymous, 06 Jan 2021No Google should not. Xiaomi should make sure their device ... morefor your reference look at nokia android one bugs their community forum is filled with full of bug reports especially falgship phones with 1 year old bugs so its google that is culprit here

  • kemosabe

google is the main culprit here just look at nokia android one bullshit all of there phones are having terrible bugs especially flagship phones are unusable myself included with nokia 8 sirocco.
google restricts any tweaks to the software by oems and they cannot fix it until google allows them to which google never will NEVER BUY ANDROID ONE with monthly security bugs with 2 major bugs