Weekly poll: picking the perfect display (refresh rate, resolution, curved or flat)

10 January 2021
Which would you prefer - a 1080p+ display running at 120Hz or a 1440p+ one at 60Hz. Also, flat or curved?

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Here is my personal preference would be: DFiQTY

D - Around 70mm width or slightly slimmer. So "large" phone category.
F - 17:9 is preferred. 16:9 is great, 21:9 is ok. Nothing lame like 18:9, 19:9, or 20:9
i - 1080p its not the sharpest, but even with PenTile its sharp enough for me
Q - 120Hz-Dynamic is smoooooth. Point of diminishing returns at 144Hz.
T - Round corners, but flat sides, and flat display.
Y - 85% Screen-to-Body is compact, whilst giving you some bezel for comfort

Commenters, type which is your favourite combination below!!

Display Width:
A- 55mm (eg Sharp R2 Compact)
B- 60mm (eg Samsung S3)
C- 65mm (eg LG G2)
D- 70mm (eg Samsung S10+)

Screen Aspect Ratio:
E- 12.7:9 (IMAX / A4 / ISO)
F- 16:9 (eg iPhone 8+)
G- 19:9 (eg Samsung S8)
H- 21:9 (eg Sony Xperia 5 ii)

Screen Vertical Pixels (assume PenTile):
i- 1080 (eg Pixel 5)
J- 1260 (eg iPhone 12 Pro Max)
K- 1440 (eg Samsung Note 9)
L- 2160 (eg Sony Xperia XZ Premium)

Screen Refresh Rate:
O- 60Hz Static (eg LG V50)
P- 90Hz Static (eg Google Pixel 4)
Q- 120Hz Dynamic (eg OnePlus 8 Pro)
R- 144Hz Dynamic (eg ZTE RedMagic 5S)

Display Shape:
S- Flat with square corners (eg ZTE Axon 7)
T- Flat with rounded corners (eg LG V30+)
U- 2.5D Light curved corners (eg iPhone 6)
V- Curved with rounded corners (eg OnePlus 8 Pro)

Bezel Size / Screen-to-Body:
W- 75% (eg Pixel 2XL)
X- 80% (eg ASUS RoG 2)
Y- 85% (eg Sony Xperia 1ii)
Z- 90% (eg Samsung Note 20 Ultra)

  • Anonymous

Sada52, 12 Jan 2021The people that hates curved screens, have they used any re... moreCurved has come a long way in terms of usability where it is better than flat when gestures are a thing because it feels more smoother to swipe when curved but it becomes a huge pain in the ass when it comes to protecting the screen with stuff like tempered or even a plastic screen protector. That's why it is deemed less practical than flat displays. It can't be flushed into the frame like flat displays do which just improves drop resistance.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Who voted for 60hz ?Normal people, who are not children and has some brain cells :)

Lol, best would be 720p 60hz as long as it is amoled and has great color accuracy, all those 1440p and HRR is just typical bullshit, designed to influnce kids buying new gaming phones or playing their shitty mobile games, truth is 720p 60hz as high color acuracy as possible and ONLY Amoled is what people need, period

  • jNO

Smartphone manufacturers should use such features to differentiate their products because every customer has a personal taste and preference. However, what I see today just makes me go nuts: Too much copying, unacceptable price hikes and a tonne of rebrands.

notafanboy, 11 Jan 2021define "low end" AMOLEDThe one on the Oppo f17 pro is certainly not as good as flagship AMOLED displays.
Generally the cheaper AMOLED panels have less longevity and lower nits screen along with few other downgrades.

Nightseer, 11 Jan 2021I think we are getting to the point where 1440p should go m... moreYou clearly didn't read the article.

Anon, 11 Jan 202190Hz should be minimum and its missing from the poll. And t... more60Hz is NOT laggy. A proper UI design can easily disprove that. When you think using the phone gets laggy because of it having 60Hz, you most likely have a phone with s h i t t y UI.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Pixel 4 switches between 60-90Hz to save some power. But th... morePower saving is still a saving no matter what. Once hardware is in place, the software can be improved over time. The problem is when the hardware doesn't exist the only option is to accept and be contented with what you have only because you really don't have a choice. If I can buy a device that does 30 to 120Hz (adaptive) and an option to go 60Hz whenever I want in the settings, I'd be choosing it than have a phone stuck at 60Hz only given relatively the same pricepoint. I want the freedom to choose what I want and not be limited by what the manufacturer's think is best for me.

The people that hates curved screens, have they used any recent phones with curves to prove the accidental touch issues?

I know that the curved displays are prone to damage due to lack of proper screen protectors and doesn't have better grip compared to flat displays.

I'm just curious to know if the recent curved displays have the accidental touch issues.

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021Not that simple. There are cheaply made AMOLED panels. L... moredefine "low end" AMOLED

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021FullHD+ with 60hz-90hz-120hz-144hz that we can choose manua... moreI agree with you. Also without any hole-punch camera in the display :)

  • bogs

Can we have the options set on settings on the phones? I still preferer flat screen and of course it should be HDR10

Flat with curved side lol! This is beautiful but not great to protect (find x2 pro user)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021curved display is a nightmareBut its so beautiful

  • Nightseer

I think we are getting to the point where 1440p should go mainstream and 1080p and becomes more of just low end or eSport option. Also definitely 120hz or above should be standard. Even if you can't hit it in all games, it is still nice to have. And another thing that should be standard is adaptive sync, for all those cases you don't match FPS to refresh rate. We are getting there, to the point where you don't need high end graphic card to do 1440p high 60FPS or more. Currently only problem is insanity with availability and pricing of new graphic cards, hence why we might see this transition being delayed. Plus 1440p monitors aren't that expensive anymore, it is just that probably quite a lot of people would also need graphic card upgrade.

  • AnonD-972548

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021curved display is a nightmareYes, true. My S9+ was very hard to hold and I dropped it couple of times because of this. Even with a case was a problem to hold. Without case was almost impossible, because you couldn't have a good grip on it.
That was my first and last curved display phone. No matter how beautiful they look, they are totally unpractical.

  • Anonymous

1080 display is fine for me (I don't think 1440 makes that much of a difference), the refresh rate should be adjustable though i think 90hz is a good middle ground and a flat screen since it is easier to put a screen protector on and is more protected in case of drops (also less accidental touches)

Kriegsherr, 10 Jan 2021need or dont need both depends on what we do with your phon... moreThat is why Samsung made the LTPO OLED screen which allows adaptive screen refresh rate. For me, that is actually a clever solution.