Weekly poll: picking the perfect display (refresh rate, resolution, curved or flat)

10 January 2021
Which would you prefer - a 1080p+ display running at 120Hz or a 1440p+ one at 60Hz. Also, flat or curved?

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Kriegsherr, 10 Jan 2021need or dont need both depends on what we do with your phon... moreThat is why Samsung made the LTPO OLED screen which allows adaptive screen refresh rate. For me, that is actually a clever solution.

  • Anonymous

I’d say 1440p high refresh rate screen with variable refresh rate tech like they have on pc, and you could choose the max refresh rate and the variable refresh rate would switch depending on content, reading a book very low fps, watching a video matches the refresh rate of the video, navigating the ui, high refresh rate, gaming high refresh rate, you get the idea

  • Anon

90Hz should be minimum and its missing from the poll. And thats JUST STUPID. 60hz feels laggy, 120hz is smooth but not worth the extra battery consumption.

90hz should be the baseline and anything above should go to something like gaming phones.

  • Anonymous

FullHD+ with 60hz-90hz-120hz-144hz that we can choose manually also 1B color with HDR10+ and of course flat screen

  • Anonymous

curved display is a nightmare

  • Anonymous

60hz 4k display all the way.

  • mike

Flat screen. removable batteries. Hate to go to a center and leave my phone there just to have my battery changed.

Android--Master, 11 Jan 2021Android flagships, gaming phones and many midrangers alread... moreyes, you maybe right
unfortunately, not all of the phones come with high refresh rate
at least until today

90Hz should be the minimum

  • AnonD-973296

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021I can understand someone getting confused by the Redmi 9 &a... moreok i didn't think they were THAT stupid

  • AnonD-973296

[deleted post]no ones asking u to buy them why are u so angry all of a sudden

  • AnonD-973296

[deleted post]im not even a user, why would i be hurt

I'll give reasons for my votes:

1. 1080p for small displays is ok, because anything above makes text very small mostly. Also, remember that 1080p is 2 megapixels, while 2K is 5 megapixels, this also means more stress for GPU and battery in all use cases.

2. 60 hz is ok enough for my needs while I'm not online gaming. While online gaming, its different. In fact, if it saves battery, display should go down to 30 Hz as well.
I think 30Hz, 75Hz and 120 Hz should be the options for different use cases.

3. I prefer flat screens because when the novelty of curved screens wears off, you get a lot of false touches, and they ruin the experience. They ruin even games.
I still remember playing PUBG flawlessly in the older days on flat displays, right now its just touching one corner or another... Even phone protector touches it!!

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021People know they are using Android. Do you really think a ... moreWake up.

Do not be innocent to believe ppl know everything about their phones.

  • Anonymous

Curved screens were something years ago, Samsung should stop doing it and then all other minorities will follow.

bajijus, 11 Jan 2021that's easy mate, just pick devices that you prefer i... moreAndroid flagships, gaming phones and many midrangers already come with 120hz.
I don't understand why you are waiting for some trend??
High refresh rate smartphones are already the norm.

AnonD-973296, 11 Jan 2021if 90hz should be minimum, then companies would be churning... morethat's easy mate, just pick devices that you prefer
if we (as users) demand 90hz as the minimum specs for display, all of the companies would follow the trend

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021On monitors and TVs I think 120hz should become the new def... moreGood Joke

  • Anonymous

Android Authority, 11 Jan 2021I can understand someone getting confused by the Redmi 9 &a... moreHhahahaha

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[deleted post]Lame cook making their userbase pay