Weekly poll: picking the perfect display (refresh rate, resolution, curved or flat)

10 January 2021
Which would you prefer - a 1080p+ display running at 120Hz or a 1440p+ one at 60Hz. Also, flat or curved?

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xperia perfect HDR content

  • AnonD-923722

J. , 10 Jan 2021Most people voting for flat screen didnt touch the P40 pro,... moreP40 pro has the best curved screens out of all curved screen phones. There isn't any accidental touches and swiping with gestures from the sides, top, bottom id very fluid and better than any flat ones. The only issue is some discoloration, and off viewing angles on the sides( but very very minor) and some reflection of lights

  • Anonymous

There really should've been a 90Hz option

  • AnonD-923722

My preference screen :

1. Refresh rate at least 90hz or above
2. Touch sampling rate at 240hz
3. Curved 4 sides like the P40 Pro, it makes gestures feel very good
4. Edge palm rejection software (based on Mate 40 Pro)
5. Screen Resolution at least 1440p (i am fine with 1080p, but i often take screenshots, so 1440p is sharper)
6. I don't mind LCD or AMOLED
7. I don't mind Notch, punch hole. But no pop ups. Since notches and holes make phones look unique.
8. At least 600 nits of brightness of brightness
9. DelTa color accuracy below 5
10. Doesn't harm your eyes with blue light without an filter
11. Can reach as low as 3 nits for viewing at dark

I prefer 1440p 60hz over 144hz 1080p because i take a lot of screenshots, but i don't mind 1080p too. 1440p gives an sharper screenshot. I hope there's an company that makes an phone with LTPO 120hz 1440p screen and runs it at 1080p (since i am fine), but ups it to 1440p when you take an screenshot, since the extra resolution is handy for screenshots

1080 is enough for a small phone display I think, and the refresh rate is really noticeable but 90Hz is a sweet spot where it's much better than 60Hz and not so different from 120Hz, for the screen type a flat display with some really thin bezels is perfect.

For phone 1080p 120Hz is enough, but on laptop/tablet 1440p 120 Hz is so much better

My preference. 1080p display is more thn enough for 6.5 inch and below. Because there's not so much different between 2k display and 1080p display for tht screen size. Flat display is better for prevent from accidentally touch. Curve is just for stylish not useful at all. And the refresh rate should 120hz for standard because 144hz is battery killer drain and need bigger battery to juice it for a whole day.

  • Dave

Please GSM Arena, send this to Samsung and other companies that copied them, so they can see that very few people likes curved displays. They have been trying to impose for years that stupid fashion that has no sense. Thanks

  • Vangmay

90Hz 1080p flat is perfect

  • J.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Who voted for 60hz ?Apple fanboys for sure

  • J.

Most people voting for flat screen didnt touch the P40 pro, S20 series or Mi 11 screen. They cant even imagine that perfect balance.

  • Anonymous

Who voted for 60hz ?

lmao it was just me an one other person at the time I voted, all were 100%.