Samsung to introduce a plethora of ISOCELL sensors, 200MP included

09 January 2021
2021 is going to be a big year for Samsung's cameras.

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200MP on a 1 inch sensor? That's borderline suicidal to say the least, even after the Tetracell binning the light sensitivity wouldn't be impressive due to its tiny pixel pitch. Just give us 80MP (or 40MP if they *really* want to insist on the importance of recording 8K videos with a phone camera) 3:2 Tetracell sensor of the same size and I bet none of us will complain.

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Problems are: - phones use cheap pplastic lenses. Cant ... more1. Such an outright BS you're spewing yet again. Those plastic lenses on mobile phone cameras, if designed well enough, are capable of resolving 12-16MP worth of details towards the corner and >60MP on the centre of the frame. GSMArena's balcony shots from most phones show false colours on the patterns of the building - And in case you don't know, if the lens doesn't have a higher optical resolution than the sensor resolution, false colours won't show up.

2. Show me official documentations from Sony or Samsung that suggest ISOCELL sensors have a wider shield between each pixel than Exmor sensors do.

3. Super resolution zoom on a Quad Bayer sensor is still an added convenience that works great for point and shoot cameras, especially for smartphones with severe internal space restriction. DSLRs/Mirrorless use an optical zoom because it works better, but that doesn't mean the super resolution zoom is a poor solution by any mean.

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AnonD-973296, 09 Jan 2021and does that improve picture quality?What do you think they made a new sensor for crappies quality photos... smh

Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021No? The 52mm camera of iPhone 7+, X and Xs is isocell.... moreI was referring to flagship sensor not their budget sensors....

1) iPhones use ISOCELL? Do you have source for that? No one can point out all the iPhones camera sensor names. If you have it, I'd be interested to know.
2) Sony uses it for their telephoto and ultrawide not the main rear (IMX445).
3)This one's obvious, some brands even mention the name. Of course Sony IMX586 is better than Samsung GM1 because the former is true 48 MP while the latter is interpolated to 48 MP.
4) Which one? HTC 10? Front camera.
5) Give me an example of what phone uses an 8 MP Samsung sensor. Sony has used a couple for their front.

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Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Yes. But still inferior to Sony counterparts Proof??

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Samsung innovating as usual

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IMX363, 10 Jan 2021200MP? What a waste! The holy grail would be 24-32MP 1"... moreI think 24mp can't give you 8K videos so i doubt they'll go anything lower than 33mp. Besides, if they decide to give you 12K video, they can :P

200MP? What a waste! The holy grail would be 24-32MP 1" sensor. Now that would be an amazing sensor.

Anonymous, 09 Jan 20211) All exmor are superior to their Isocell counterpart. ... more1) Plz give sources for your bold statement.

2) Why would Sony make 200mp for medium format? The reason why high megapixel race began is because one can get higher effective pixel size by keeping sensor size small (which is a priority on smartphones which cannot accommodate huge sub 1 inch sensors without increasing phone thickness)
S20 ultra achieves same effective pixel size as a 1" sensor while keeping the size to 1/1.33".

3) Which camera sensor tech did Samsung copy from Sony?
Don't say 960fps recording since we know Samsung did it better than Sony.

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why don't sensor maker just make a 1" sensor / 16mm sensor with low megapixel for android with normal camera bump? BMPCC 2013 are somehow still superior to smartphone thesedays (The sensor size is only 16mm , not twice bigger than most flahsiop smartphone have thesedays)

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Anonymous, 10 Jan 2021Need to wait and see the pictures that this thing actually ... moreProblems are:

- phones use cheap pplastic lenses. Cant resolve even 5MP. So they have to abuse sharpness to still look inferior to any pocket camera.
- for example, a 48MP quadbayer takes more space than 12Mp bayer (gap between pixels) Also samsung sensors have thicker "frames" than sonu sensors.
- if digital zoom was something good, then professinal cameras would have this ability.

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Need to wait and see the pictures that this thing actually produces, before saying anything for sure.

But right now, this looks like the BS numbers game that phone makers are playing (hello 2mp macro cameras, a part of the obligatory 2 added garbage sticker cameras) to screech "muh big number stonk".

The fact is that it's something that we can actually use our own eyes to ascertain, that Samsung sensors are just okay at best, and nothing to write home about. Also in many instances worse than the sony equivalent. Unless they fix their core basics, the megapixel marketing number means little to the real life, non-fanboy user.

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AnonD-973296, 09 Jan 2021and does that improve picture quality?I believe the biggest advantage would be noise reduction, specially in night mode. But otherwise I think a new lens development would be more interesting news, 99% of the people won't be taking 200mp images, there will be some kind of pixel binning like we've seen so far

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021S20 Ultra has a 72mm2 sensor, while S20 has a 43mm2. S20 ... moreS20 has same sensor as Xperia 5 II yet image quality on Samsung is miles better than Sony.

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AnonD-973296, 09 Jan 2021and does that improve picture quality?Yes. But still inferior to Sony counterparts

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These super high pixel counts are just for bragging rights; there's no discernible improvement for 108MP over a big 12MP sensor.

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DrakeX, 09 Jan 2021TBH picture quality these days is good enough that the norm... moreNo?

The 52mm camera of iPhone 7+, X and Xs is isocell...
3 of 4 cameras of Xperia 1 are isocell.
Many of the 48Mp used by cheap midranges are isocell. While better midranges of same brands use exmor..
One of old HTC flagships had isocell.

Many of 8Mp out there are Samsung and omnivision

TBH picture quality these days is good enough that the normal consumer would be pressed to find the differences. Flagship Samsung sensors have usually been on par with Sony's but Samsung doesn't sell them to other manufacturers until recently the GN1 was strangely reserved for vivo and not Samsung themselves. What's more interesting to see is midrangers getting better in the camera department such as the Mi 10i. Fitting a 1" sensor in a phone is still a pipe dream, only Panasonic did once. If Samsung could achieve this, I applaud them.

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blue.sun, 09 Jan 2021ISOCELL is a technology of sensor, not the software that us... moreand does that improve picture quality?

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Anonymous, 09 Jan 2021Yet the quality of Xperia 12mp camera is bad compared to No... moreI'm pretty sure the S20Ultra is priced higher, so the Xperia 1 & 5 II are most likely competing with S20+ and S20. Honestly the camera on the S20+ is worse than the OnePlus 8 which is saying something. I've compared both in person, in terms of overall look. Yes, the main lens. Now, coming to the Xperia it can do 4K 120fps video which the Samsung can not. It's because they are going for different things. Sony is going for speed, such as 20fps, faster and better AF. Just look at the disaster S20 series are in AF. It's more about reliability on Xperia and speed, whereas Samsung is targeting higher output in details and zoom.

On the flip side S20 has much better zoom, more details on photographs (though colour accuracy is questionable at times) and an amazing night mode. It's about preference at this point, the more competition there are more companies innovating.

So continue using your smartphones and don't pick on brands that you dislike. This is worse than play station Vs Xbox.

It's great Samsung is innovating their own way and Sony their own. Hopefully it means better cameras in smartphones for the masses, rather than iterative upgrades.

Both do need improving, Samsung with its cracked camera glass, slow read out speed and colour science. Sony with night mode, zoom and higher MP.