Redmi K40 series will debut next month, Snapdragon 888 model confirmed

11 January 2021
The top-end K40 will offer the latest flagship Qualcomm chipset at a base price of CNY 2,999 ($463).

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  • Anonymous

K30 Ultra is still King, $300 is a key price point.

  • FarFan

Let me give some predictions, comparing to k30:
+ punch hole in the middle
+ extra weight
+ 1mp camera for no reason (macro/white balance/polarizing/etc.)
+ new advertising built in

- 3.5 headphone jack
- Irda
- any accessory (charger, headphones, dongle, clip)
- still no wireless charging

  • Anonymous

I wonder how many cuts and cheaper/worse pieces to low the price

Make it 2000 lei (400 pounds) please

Hopefully at least one LCD in the line up

  • Anonymous

Hopefully more affordable