Redmi K40 series will debut next month, Snapdragon 888 model confirmed

11 January 2021
The top-end K40 will offer the latest flagship Qualcomm chipset at a base price of CNY 2,999 ($463).

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  • 22 Jan 2021

I bought the K20 pro in August 2019. I got a killer deal and bought it brand new from China for $300 USD. That said, I'm not digging this price of $465 USD for not a huge upgrade and a punch hole camera. I'll likely be skipping this and waiting for a killer $300 USD flagship.

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    • 17 Jan 2021

    Anonymous, 14 Jan 2021It's not going to have any stupid holes just like k20 ... moreK20 didn't have hole, fool

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      • 14 Jan 2021

      It's not going to have any stupid holes just like k20 and k30 right? Right???

        Typical Xiaomi, release as many phones but poor future software support. No wonder updates come with bugs too many phones to support. Just release 3 good phone per year, a pro non-pro & budget. Never buying Xiaomi phones. Mi 10T already has bugs s#it

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          • 13 Jan 2021

          ram64GB, 12 Jan 2021Does anyone here is not concern with that 4k mAh battery? L... moreThe article said that it was confirmed that the battery will be larger than 4,000 mAh. I'd imagine it will be around the 5,000 mAh mark.

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            • 12 Jan 2021

            Interesting, let see how they are. Although Xiaomi, now have in their official web html code the references for search engines to the words: Mi Mix 4 and CC10 (aka Mi Note 11). Two phones that a lot of people are waiting for. Fingers crossed for watch them along this year.

              Does anyone here is not concern with that 4k mAh battery? Lile seriously?

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                • 12 Jan 2021

                if it comes with a notch or a hole then it is a big NO gonna stay for the F2 PRO

                  Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021That yellowish is probably night mode that shuts off the bl... more50% of what makes up the image of an AMOLED panel are green sub pixels. The reds and blues only account for 25% each and the blue ones weakens and dies the fastest.
                  This is why AMOLED devices get an increasingly more green/yellow tint to it after use. The more it is used, the stronger it will appear.

                  If anything, always using night mode - which reduces the blue output - can prolong the lifespan of the blue sub pixels, but then you get an awful image at all times.

                    i0S...Never...Again, 11 Jan 2021I agree lot of reviewers crapppping on Lcd panels for just ... moreI wouldn't be to sure to hope for no notch or punch hole, I'm afraid.

                    I think they just mean it will not have curved edges - thankfully. Seeing as it will be flat, I'm hoping for LCD.

                      Samath N8 808 owner, 11 Jan 2021Same here. The oldest phone with AMOLED in our house is a 2... moreBurn-in depends on use. Most recent phone that I saw with burn-in was my college's S9 after about only 1 year of heavy use. The burn-in was very bad that that point. Destroying the user experience of the device. It was the keyboard the was burned in, so it covered very much of the screen. Burn-in will always be a risk with OLED, there is no way around that.

                      I also have an old AMOLED phone with no burn-in, as it was only lightly used. The Motorola RAZR XT910.

                      Use cases may reduce risk of burn-in, but the growing green-yellow tint that grows over time is also an AMOLED issue. But, if one only lighly uses one's phone and doesn't display anything with a lot of white, or blue in it, then it will last longer before that happens.

                      Not everyone is sensitive to the green tint either, just like many doesn't seem to be sensitive to the very pixelated look of FHD+ AMOLED on current screen sizes. I dislike it very much. That issue starts right out of the box. Luckily, amongst recent Xiaomidevices, the Mi 11-series has QHD+ so not an issue anymore on that series. I wouldn't expect the same on the K40 due to pricing.

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                        • 12 Jan 2021

                        Anonymous, 12 Jan 2021 Nowadays Xiaomi & other companies are depriving the pe... moreWhere did you get the 64/128MB internal storage phones? Antique shops?

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                          • 12 Jan 2021

                          Nowadays Xiaomi & other companies are depriving the people mainly the mid-range customers by excluding the external memory/micro SD card from their handsets. We need external memory card (of 512 & 1-TB) along with it's 64/128MB internal memory !

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                            • 12 Jan 2021

                            Incremetal updates as expected, I'm more concerned about cooling.

                            The Dimensity 1000/1200/2000 chips don't exactly run cool.

                              Marco M, 11 Jan 2021Only problem is reviewers being way too biased towards AMOL... moreyes, i agree, people are engrossed with the notion that amoled is the best and anything less than that are pure trash. Mi 10t broke the norms and the views of reviewers alike when they released it. Im pretty sure that Xiaomi would be introducing LTPS/LTPO LCD screens just to cut cost in their midrange, which is not a bad thing...

                                SD888 with QWHD 240hz OLED, congrats redmi for the flagship killer

                                  Yo., 11 Jan 2021It's likely going to use the same screen as the Redmi ... moreyes, and if they would go with Lcd, they should go with LTPS, just like samsung doing forward with thier upper midrange 2021 phones.

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                                    • 11 Jan 2021

                                    It's likely going to use the same screen as the Redmi K30 Ultra (6.67" 1080 8-bit OLED 120Hz) or the same screen as the Mi 10 Ultra (6.67" 1080 10-bit OLED 120Hz).

                                    Battery is likely single cell 4500-4700Mah battery.

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                                      • 11 Jan 2021

                                      Screen broken right out of factory 🏭🏭🏭🏭 😆

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                                        • 11 Jan 2021

                                        Dear Redmi, bring microSD slot to K40 and i will buy it in heartbeat.
                                        Provided if its on its msrp not scalper price like recent Poco X3.