Exynos 2100 unveiled with Cortex-X1 CPU, 40% faster Mali-G78 GPU and integrated 5G modem

12 January 2021
The CPU promises a 30% boost in multi-core performance compared to the Exynos 990, 40% on the GPU and a more efficient NPU.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Gpu might not be important to you and is not the most impor... moreI take it, that he doesn't game that much.

Nowadays we have things like Genshin Impact that even 865+ get around 60 fps on highest setting. considering the 120/144 screen that many phone with SD865+ came with, its still not fully capable to utilize the max capability of the screen.

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Test showed that iqoo7 is as hot as xiaomi 11. It proved th... moreThat lie has been debunked, incognito Tim Apple.
The increased temp is due to the massively increased clock speed and change in how it sustains speed.

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AnonD-923722, 12 Jan 2021I think i am believing the power being better than the Snap... moreAndroid 11 not aren't that good.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021Test showed that iqoo7 is as hot as xiaomi 11. It proved th... moreMost important throttling and overheating control and snapdragon 888 on mi11 seems has throttling issue.

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yalim, 13 Jan 2021GPU upgrades are really unnecessary.No application can stre... moreGpu might not be important to you and is not the most important thing to everyone, but that is no reason for you to go around trying claim upgrades are not needed.
Someone always says that about something just because it's less important to them. People even said that about graphics in ram in older generations of computing.

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Test showed that iqoo7 is as hot as xiaomi 11. It proved that SD888 is awful on power efficient.
Samsung 5nm process is less efficient than TSMC, maybe not even on par with TSMC 7nm process.
The 2100 with higher frequency may be a nigthmare of battery life.

No note, 12 Jan 2021i remember samsung said they won't make note anymore...Not true

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2021If that were true, Exynos should be gone already....They don't instantly fix a problem. They aren't wizards sadly. But look, two generations of notes and s line and then they fixed it (I hope at least)

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why MediaTek didn't join the league?
still waiting for Dimensity improvement.

GPU upgrades are really unnecessary.No application can stress an even 3 year old GPU.however,power efficiency is crucial since,we use smartphones more and more connected with other devices everyday.hotspot,navigating,photoshooting,mirroring,bluetooth streaming etc. consumes so much power.besides,5G is more power hungry than 4G.

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Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021What does his lack of name have to do with his opinion?he's just salty cuz the guy found out he does have a cheap phone that cost 70 bucks and is trying to not make it seem that

Morsel, 12 Jan 2021Talking about RAM ? Microsoft EDGE had never eaten more RA... more"Edge had NEVER eaten more RAM."

You've pretty much answered your own question already.

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[deleted post]What does his lack of name have to do with his opinion?

it seems obvious Samsung has been planning to phase out the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets for a long time. It doesn't seem long now before they kiss Qualcomm bye bye. I wonder what Qualcomm will be doing 10 years from now? care to speculate? I have ideas.

uses 20% more battery and 20% hotter.
This will be an improvement, as usual.


Geekbech snadragon888 vs exynos 2100

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It will likely to suffer the same consequence like snapdagon 888, greater performance will drain more power, and more heat issue, unless u installed an aftermarket fan like rog series / blackshark series phone where they can sustain higher performance in longer period, other phones... Hehehe

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021the cpu side looks like Samsung is faster because of the ... moreWell I'm glad they introduced AMIGO (Advanced Multi-IP Governor) for better battery efficiency. I wish it lives up to my/our expectation 🙂

Anonymous, 13 Jan 2021mali g78 mp14 rumors were mp24 mp14 with high clock speedYour referring to the way in which Huawei has utilised the G78 MP24? Large count slower paced...

That also adds more silicon, adding to the build cost of the SoC..as we all know Samsung has really morphed into a profit machine lately, the more money not spent the more money saved...

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mali g78 mp14
rumors were mp24
mp14 with high clock speed