WhatsApp moves forward the date to accept its new terms to May 15

16 January 2021
The service will continue to be operational till then even to those who have not accepted the new terms yet.

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  • OldGray

If too many people start using Signal in place of WhatsApp there will be problems with Signal working ;) They are already there, and this is not a commercial company.
How many people will start voluntarily, massively and constantly donating money for the functioning of the application?
More popularity means more problems, overloaded servers, maybe hacking attacks and the risk of advertising and sales, acquisition by a large company. How many times have non-profit said - no, never! And then it was like always.

Oh how totally unexpected ...

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 16 Jan 2021What are the ad hominems for ? What does personally having ... more"Maybe you need to research if a CEO is shared between signal and Twitter before claiming no ties"

Last time I checked, Jack Dorsey and Moxie Marlinspike were different people.

DantE O2, 16 Jan 2021poor guess comes from a poor mind , my main app was telegra... morehttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_Foundation

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021You comment the same nonsense some people did on the ban ne... moreWhat are the ad hominems for ? What does personally having more accounts have to do with the discussion what does my account being deleted has to do with points raised??

Maybe you need to research if a CEO is shared between signal and Twitter before claiming no ties

As for my original comment the bases was likely contamination of principles leaking into signal regardless of signal being a chat app it's a simple logic

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2021Read the terms and conditions of Signal or you opt-out for ... morepoor guess comes from a poor mind , my main app was telegram ever before you knew what telegram is or hear about it i had telegram since first month. i started using whatsapp just in recent years.
if you don't know the answer to a simple question that who's Signal's Daddy there is no reason to replay. simple as that.

  • Anonymous

AirY, 16 Jan 2021What about that if somone already accept new policy?You've been Zuckerbergd

aReefer, 16 Jan 2021Telegram is encrypted by default. I'm not sure why eve... morebecause it's not i use telegram everyday and it's not encrypted nor it states that it is, unless you start a secret chat.

  • Right Decision

Facebook never said its only for business users, why would it popup for normal users if its meant to be "business only" haha such liers. (A company this big can filter which people should get this message). They are afraid that so much people left this Spyware. For me and many Friends SIGNAL is the best alternative. Not Telegram with its suspicious groups and overloaded features like bots. Telegram is End to Server and not full END to END. Signal is END to END. Signal is Open Source, No Company behind it and one of the WhatsApp Founders helped to make this a better Messenger than WA. Facebook should be forced to drop IG and WA or i hope they will get banned in some countrys to force People to switch.

Thanks for Reading :)

  • Col

WhatsApp like Instagram is a ‘free’ service; we can’t be hugely surprised that they would want make use of our data. If you’re not paying for the ‘product’ you are the ‘product’.

  • Anonymous

IpsDisplay, 16 Jan 2021Ummm signal is basically Twitter and censorship gods soo...... moreHow is signal basically Twitter? Signal chats are end-to-end encrypted. Signal servers can't decrypt your chats and by extension can't censor them as they don't have access to the content.

  • Anonymous

Androidfanboy, 16 Jan 2021Just use imessage it's 1000x betteriMessage is SMS, Welcome back to 1995

  • Y

Many people don't know almost all US companies as well as Chinese companies are collecting user data from phone makers like mi.com and other game app development companies... it's all happening without user knowledge...now Facebook is openly declaring about it's terms and conditions to save US itself, not bothering about other countries...

  • lol

I cannot but applaud whatsapp for giving 3 extra months for people to move to signal or telegram. kudos!

[deleted post]Evidently not. Most of their employees seem to be barely literate

theRajeshV, 16 Jan 2021Telegram is NOT 'end-to-end' encrypted by default... moreFrom Telegram's FAQ:

"So how do you encrypt data?

We support two layers of secure encryption. Server-client encryption is used in Cloud Chats (private and group chats), Secret Chats use an additional layer of client-client encryption. All data, regardless of type, is encrypted in the same way — be it text, media or files.

Our encryption is based on 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange. You can find more info in the Advanced FAQ."

Advanced FAQ:


There have been no recorded successful hacks or data leaks from Telegram as far as I know - and they are offering a $300,000 prize to anyone that can crack their encryption, so feel free to give it a shot.

As for end-to-end, it is there optionally, and by default it works with client-to-server-to-client encryption, which is no worse than Whatsapp.

Furthermore as far as other features go, it doesn't compress images or videos and has many other usability features, such as an option to send messages silently, which is handy if you want to chat with someone late at night etc or just leave them a message to be seen later. The list goes on.

Also, the owner was basically threatened by Putin with jail and Putin still couldn't block Telegram at all. Even after blocking access to VPN's etc. He just caused grief for Russian businesses bl blocking millions of IP's and still Telegram worked.

Eventually his own ministers started using it and he just gave up.

What about that if somone already accept new policy?

  • Carol

Whatsapp is allready pumping out information to their owner (zuckermucker) since they were bought. I really see no reason for the hysteria, besides that i already use Telegram for more then a year now, and to tell you the truth, is 300 time better then whatsapp, from desigt, to functions to those crazy animations.

aReefer, 16 Jan 2021Telegram is encrypted by default. I'm not sure why eve... moreTelegram is NOT 'end-to-end' encrypted by default and only secret chats are. The encryption you read about for non-secret chats is the client-server encryption, not end-to-end.

And even for their secret chats, the encryption protocol, MTProto, is closed source, made in-house by people that aren't cryptography experts, not audited, and hence unreliable.

"Client-side open source" is a stupid argument. Something is either fully open source or not at all. Would it be okay for the server to do whatever it wants with your data (and keep in mind the in-house cryptography and default in-transit encryption which gives the server full access to your data)

  • Anonymous

If what's app is saying new terms are applicable to business acconts only, then why they made mandatory
to accept new terms by individual or non business
What's app users. What's app to clarify this first.