Qualcomm reclaims the clock speed title with the Snapdragon 870 5G chipset and its 3.2 GHz CPU

19 January 2021
It is based on the S865, the plus version of which ran its prime core at 3.1 GHz. This also means that this is a 7 nm chip and uses an older architecture.

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Dometalican, 19 Jan 2021I fail to see the point of having so many processors when 1... moreBuddy a 4 series snapdragon won't run half the games/apps an 8 series will... Facts look them up before spouting off that a 4 series is anything but a budget processor with crappy weak specs

  • Horse

Hng was captured by chipsets

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JDK, 21 Jan 2021HAHAHA! All you know how to do is trash apple, right? ... moreGood at brainwashing the crowded and has government support. Tax free money is in Ireland. I like stock though but I hate the company.

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Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Kirin 9000 is the King...870 king

  • Anonymous

Kirin 9000 is the King...

[deleted post]HAHAHA!

All you know how to do is trash apple, right?

I bet you can't say anything good about them.

  • OppaiHunter69

AnonD-973296, 19 Jan 2021boi if u have nothing to say about it, then plz just s#ut upI see a lot of people here replying to his comment, what exactly did he say? I'm kinda curious...

  • OppaiHunter69

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Exactly. I can't hear anymore about these childish dem... more"There aren't any quality games in Google Play either" lol you've been living under a cave I guess

This is OBVIOUSLY a marketing trick.

Qualcomm tells consumers that they are getting the best of the best with the clock speed numbers. OOHHHHH, 3.2GHZ SOO FAST!!!!

"It MUST be faster than the 888, right???"

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And 1 Million degree Heat. A Milli a Milli a Milli

natraj, 20 Jan 2021Idk why ppl r so obsessed to these news.... it's commo... moreBecause high number sells.

AnonD-973296, 19 Jan 2021umm, then what about the 888?888 is a brand new chipset based on 5nm fabrication. 865, 865+, and this 870 are still using 7nm fabrication.

Shady69, 19 Jan 2021the high refresh rate imo is the worst gimmick of them all,... moreAt least there is now an adaptive screen refresh rate, so I don't mind having high refresh rate. After all, there is some flexibility there since high refresh rate is super great for mobile gaming and console emulation. I wouldn't buy a new phone that only offers fixed high refresh rate, especially at 120Hz and 144Hz. That's a big NO-NO for me.

No integrated 5G modem? Since it’s the 865 architecture, it was sort of expected, but come on… I wouldn’t recommend phones with this SoC. Either get a new mid-range SoC (Exynos 1080, Dimensity 1200, or the upcoming Snapdragon 775), or flagship killers with the Snapdragon 888.

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Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021You: "And you will want it as well, when Apple ... moreThat's just silly arguing. I can understand how very high resolution on such small screens (and the very high pixel density that arises from that) may be a gimmick for most use-cases. However, adaptive refresh rate certainly is not a gimmick, because motion handling is a well-known problem caused by displaying source material with a mismatching framerate to the display's internal refresh rate. That's what requires frame interpolation and other techniques to solve the motion issues, which is a long-lasting universal issue to any fixed refresh rate display regardless of screen size.

We have gotten so used to the issue and the workarounds that you won't notice the problem until you finally experience a proper display capable matching its internal refresh rate to the source material. Once you do experience it, there is no turning back. Apple fanboys are very good at this, they deny all evidences until Apple finally adopts the latest technology. Then, when they finally get to experience it, they give all praise to Apple and call it "revolutionary".

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Seriously??? You are defending cheap build quality? You s... moreYeah....cause because that exactly what I was saying....apparently.......

See, it could just be that I was suggesting it would be rather foolish to repeatedly purchase an item that you'll only end up throwing in the bin.

Take me for instance, I'm not particularly fond of xiaomi products, so you know what I go out of my way to make certain I don't do....keep buying them just to throw them out!!!!!!!!

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The core wars.. dual core, quad core, octa core ...
The resolution wars.. 720p, 1080p, 2k, 4k ...
The ram wars.. 512MB, 4GB, 8GB, 12GB ...
The megapixel wars.. 4MP, 8MP, 12MP ...

Funny nowadays.. no one cares or talk about it anymore.

All the wars, Apple came up top.. reminding us, what makes a good phone is a balanced one. Not the one with the highest sub-specs.

They balance resolution with core and battery consumption.

  • Well.

If only this had WiFi 6E, why even bother with the Snapdragon 888.

Idk why ppl r so obsessed to these news.... it's common that ur new flagship chip will be faster than previous one... New generation will be faster than previous but not necessarily BETTER...most of ppl now a days love FAKE TECH "THE NUMBERS" (u know 48, 64,108MP crap and then 4,6,8,12 & freaking now up to 16gb crap) rather than REAL TECH

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2021Lol , only 3.2ghz? If we had overclocking modules out of th... moreJust 400mhz? I had an old xperia that went from 1ghz to 2ghz with custom kernel. The performance increase wasnt linear, no improvement above 1.6ghz. And was useless unless you have a strong cooler. Same story with my rn3 though it just went from 1.8 to 2.1.

Well qualcomm has locked any cpu oc for newer ones, couldnt find any way to oc my old 845.