Qualcomm reclaims the clock speed title with the Snapdragon 870 5G chipset and its 3.2 GHz CPU

19 January 2021
It is based on the S865, the plus version of which ran its prime core at 3.1 GHz. This also means that this is a 7 nm chip and uses an older architecture.

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  • Anonymous

if its other 3 core clocked at 2.64 or higher, last 4 a55 cores clocked at 2.0 and lesser price than 865 atleast atleast 20-40 euros it can be a better chip becz its multi core performance and single core performance will be higher and for cheaper price.

I like this one. More affordable

  • Anonymous

Lol , only 3.2ghz? If we had overclocking modules out of the box we could overclock most phones by 100-200mhz easily, some by 300mhz and few by 400mhz. Silicon lottery is a thing you know.

better than the 888 and more stable ( sd 888 have overheating issues)

  • Aa

It's going to be frying pan. Very high frequency will lead to more and more heat.

  • Anonymous

Mediatek 1000+ >>>>>>>>>>>> SS 870

  • Red

Apple better get serious if they wanna stand up here.👀


Awesome, maybe it will be a match for the Exynos 1080.

They must use this SoC is budget friendly gaming phones... Top priority... Wow. This might be almost as quick as the 888?

  • Matt

Wait, so that means the Motorola Edge S(China)/ Motorola Moto G Nio(Worldwide) is going to use the Snapdragon 870 instead of the 865. Wow, that's pretty interesting! I need to see the pricing of the Nio. Might be my next Smartphone.

It's just a tweaked Snapdragon 865, with a little bit of future-proofing. This proves my point that the Snapdragon 865+ is a waste of time and a useless upgrade. And I got hate in the comments just a few weeks ago. 870 looks like a rebrand of the 865+. 870 is a better naming though.

  • Anonymous

Shady69, 19 Jan 2021the 480 (supposedly the cheapest 5g soc from qualcomm) was ... moreCPU does not determinate price of phone.
A $1200 phone with 865, would not cost $550 if it had same specs but the 765 instead.

You can say "Congrats" to those that on internet and social media demand 120/144 Hz scren to play games locked at 60fps, two batteries for 60/80/100/120W charging, 12/16GB ram to leave all apps open that do not use 6GB, 256/512GB just to install 100 games, better CPU that helps to open apps 0,001s faster than a 2017 phone, 4 rear cameras etc ....

I fail to see the point of having so many processors when 1 from 4 series is enough...

  • Anonymous

Be sure in real world, zero advantage over the 2020 chips.
Waste of time.

the 480 (supposedly the cheapest 5g soc from qualcomm) was put in a 250$ phone, the 690 in a +300$ phone, the 765 in +400$ phone, the 865 phones costs around 500-600$, where is this going to fit? since there's definitely phones with 888 that will cost around 600-700$ in couple of months.
tbf, more companies need to put 720, 800u from mediatek in their phones cause qualcomm is getting out of hands with their toys.

I think the upcoming moto g will be first to utilise it