LG might pull out of smartphone business after all

20 January 2021
The CEO Kwon Bong-seok sent an internal message, saying if the division folds, “employment will be maintained”.

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Zion45, 20 Jan 2021They can follow apple method, make like 3 good phones every... moreApple has so much profit, because it has already established a loyal fanbase. LG, doesn't have that luxury. If a company like Apple and with Apple pricing will emerge today they will go bankrupt in 2 years. Lol.
With so many good companies out there, and so many good cheap phones, LG was destined to fail. You can't except people to pay 400EUR for a phone that is similar with another 200EUR one from different company. I mean, some enthusiasts will pay, but just few. You can't sustain a business with few people.

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It's sad as a current LG user. LG, HTC, Sony are all my favourite brands and now they're almost irrelevant. There's not much devices to choose in the future then.

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Is it sure they r exiting. I was waiting for lg to release a flagship phone with sd 888 to upgrade my g8s.
And what about thier software update for old phones

If they would bring phones with competitive spec, how would they go red. For example flagship before was without tele camera amd though Wing was selling for design, missing jack also means a lot of fans would move away.
For likes of samsung with too many customers, losing jack means just a little change, but for the likes of lg, sony, it changes a lot.

About time. Their phones are just all specs and no QC with bad software.

Still a sad day for mobile market as it is one less competitor.

By the time I will be able to actual afford one, LG will also shut down just like sony did. Today is a very sad day for me. LG and Sony are my favorite brands.

Zion45, 20 Jan 2021They can follow apple method, make like 3 good phones every... moreSad news.

Being an LG fan and through and through headphone jack lover, I will miss big time without LG flagships.

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So here after i need to stick with lagsung who make their phone lag with software update to make me buy another of they new phone or over priced apple without charger and earphones or chines phones which are made of 60% low wuality parts. But still have option for me is google with improved camera hardware,flagship processor and higher battery capacity and life. Other phones r asus and sony thats all i hope these 3 will give somethong more

This is sad...LG is one of the few companies here in the US and they're the few that provides the most hardware 3.5mm jack with DAC, microSD slot, etc).

Support competition.

LG V30 was very tempting for me at the time...but the selfie camera and software support makes me go to samsung galaxy note 8. I never find lg phone that i want after that. They always miss something and never made a complete package phone for me. It will be sad to see them go. Now its samsung vs apple atvthe premium segment

Zion45, 20 Jan 2021They can follow apple method, make like 3 good phones every... moremost people don't care about the headphone jack anymore.

They can follow apple method, make like 3 good phones every year, that alone will boost them and keep them in business.. make a phone that has everything people want in them.. Great processor, GPU, battery, earphone Jack and bundle that with charger and cable and earpiece.. and see if you won't have a great boost

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Good newsHow so?

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Good news