Motorola Edge S appears in live images and AnTuTu listing

21 January 2021
The new Snapdragon 870 unsurprisingly edges out the SD 865 competition.

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  • kirix

only 64MB camera?

The front is appalling! Because one hole in the screen is not enough...

  • Sergio

I don't see a Moto logo on the back.. i hope will cange the design and add a screen protection.

  • Younis

Dan, 22 Jan 2021Not a good idea. They had it right with the Moto x pure. Nice

  • Dan

D, 21 Jan 2021I am regular Moto user from 8-9 years. & As per my opin... moreNot a good idea. They had it right with the Moto x pure.

  • Anonymous

That's not the edge. That looks like one of their mid-lower end 5G phones.

  • Dude

Mandosa, 21 Jan 2021Qualcomm mentioned Motorola as being one of the clients for... moreFail? How? They're at the bottom already. Even those silly brands like vivo and oppo overtook them.

  • Yo.

I need to see Antutu benchmarks of the upcoming Redmi K40 with Snapdragon 870 vs Redmi K40 Pro with Snapdragon 888, now that's going to be interesting.

Qualcomm mentioned Motorola as being one of the clients for snapdragon 888. How come Motorola is using 870 chipset for a flagship? Not a wise decision they will fail in the competition.

  • Q

Dennis.K, 21 Jan 2021Fake, this thing says "edge plus" this has to be ... moreIts real seen it at best buy yest8

  • AnonD-973296

what's the point of denoting the word "edge" if the screen aint curved or the build is flat. just call it the the Moto S if u r gonna do that...

And also, with a score 670K+ with an SD870, i thought the 870 had the highest clock speeds in a chip, shouldn't it be able to crack 700K+ at least?

Is the screen curved? It doesn't appear to be.

PaidReviewer, 21 Jan 2021It's like Motorola's goal is to make the phone as... moreEven better, why not make a bezel at the top of the screen? No one likes bezel after all, right?


  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 21 Jan 2021Lol please, more phones are going to be shipped with the ne... moreim not talking about the chipset im talking about this garbage device

  • Anonymous

Interested if its android one.

Better give us an option to merge the two puncholes in a pill. That would look ay better

  • Faxmachine

Looks great! I can't wait until all these phones screens go green within the first month!

  • Mahi-51

Nice phones with worse design

It's like Motorola's goal is to make the phone as ugly as possible. I have an idea for you, Motorola. Put several more camera holes in the front. It will be perfect!

  • anonymous

probably have under display fingerprint sensor ...