Weekly poll results: the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the favorite, but popularity of the S21 trio is in question

24 January 2021
No member of S21 lineup got more than 40% approval.

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Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Hello? I can easily afford an iPhone but I really don'... morenothing you said makes sense to me
screw the accessories if it's operating system is open source 1st thing idk where you from but it seems that the problem is with your country not the brand because I'm from libya and Samsung cost alot less here like for instance the s21 ultra cost around 980$ but the mate 40 cost more and it literally GOOGLE SERVICE FREE so basically garbage
don't try to pull the accessories bull*** now all companies are doing it this year even huawei will eventually if they ever stayed in the race
and oh yea if the price tag is 200 or 300$ i would still pay the extra for the brand and for google services
last this about the ads
I've seen ads on all Chinese brands here especially xiaomi but no one ever said one ui has ads so it again has something to do with your location so i get why you won't buy it and i agree with you but in my situation it's one billion times different
in alot of countries Samsung gives great value but people don't know that and that's why they can compete with Chinese cheap manufacturing

  • Anonymous

sohail shafayat, 25 Jan 2021cause you'll hardly shoot in 108MP mode, if you you sh... moreExactly. I rather have the camera of a Pixel phone (where all the work is done in the software) than the 108mp camera of a Xiaomi phone with all the bells and whistles that I will never use in real life.

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 25 Jan 2021Oh shut up already. Glastic is a made up BS term. It's... moreOn the price point you are right. Whatever you want to call it, that material is clearly cheaper to make than glass back. More profit for Samsung in that regard.
But also, that guy is right. If I blind folded you and then tell you to touch the back of a Note 20 and after a Note 20 Ultra you will not sense the difference right away. Trust me, I tried it.
So, in the end you are both right, to some extent.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Have you even touched the phone yet tr°ll?? Passing judgmen... moreThey're both sh*t companies though. Samsung and Apple I mean.
Sadly, they are the phones that people are most interested in. At least in Europe and USA.
Try selling a Realme or Xiaomi phone on some second hand site. Good luck. You will either wait for a long time or sell it at a much lower price just to get rid of it, because nobody wants a second hand Realme or Xiaomi phone.

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2021Have you even touched the phone yet tr°ll?? Passing judgmen... moreOh shut up already. Glastic is a made up BS term. It's plastic and it has NO place on a 800+ € phone. And my ToyPhone at least has actual glass at that price point. Also you haven't held S21 either, you phony Android fanboy.

i0S...Never...Again, 25 Jan 2021What exactly is gimmicky about 108mp sensor? cause you'll hardly shoot in 108MP mode, if you you shoot in 108MP then the images will be hilarious, finally it's just a 12MP image. 108 is just a number here, nothing else

Dometalican, 24 Jan 2021Correction, Note 20 Ultra doesn't have a portrait lens... moreMy Ideal camera setup would have 5 cameras.

1) 48mp/50mp main lens around 1/1.3" in size.
2) 64mp Ultrawide lens IMX 686.
3) 48mp 5x telephoto lens IMX 586 like Mi 10 ultra.
4) 10MP 10x telephoto Lens like S21 Ultra.
5) 12MP 2x Potrait lens like Mi 10 ultra.

sohail shafayat, 24 Jan 2021here is your Note 20 Ultra cam setup 108 MP, f/1.8, 26mm (... moreWhat exactly is gimmicky about 108mp sensor?

  • nitti

AnonD-923722, 24 Jan 2021Hope the Huawei P50 Pro impresses me. Since the Mate 40 Pro... morehuwai p50 is not good for world as no support for google.

  • Anonymous

RejZoR, 24 Jan 2021So, the new Exynos is not really competition for Snapdragon... moreHave you even touched the phone yet tr°ll?? Passing judgment on plastic....
It's glastic with matte finish and the lavender gold version looks premium unlike cheap gas burner design of your ToyPhone

  • Anonymous

There are many factors to these polls, one of which is how the majority aren’t tech nerds like us who like to bitch and moan whenever tech trends change. The other being paid trolls who has an agenda to market a brand/product (I see this a lot from so called “popular” Xiaomi phones the majority of the target audience here never heard of).

Heck, from what I can tell, it won’t surprise me one bit if people held multiple accounts for their own agenda.

  • AnonD-923722

sohail shafayat, 24 Jan 2021Have you read the review of mate 40 Pro? If not then please... moreHello kid. Are you talking about the Mate 40 Pro or the Mate 40 Pro Plus. Stop switching subjects

Mohammed.althwadi, 24 Jan 2021um i wouldn't waste money for a device that has no goo... moreOne of main reason for me to buy Huawei device (besides being top tech and probably the best phone camera availale) is fact that they are degoogled. I have enough of this spying clumsy OS. I still prefer my Lumia 950XL sometimes, because of far better OS. :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021The answers show the real stratification of income. It'... moreThe A series is sh*t though. Laggy even in simple scrolling, the A41 and A51. As for the A71 it cost as much as a Xiaomi Mi 10T. Lol. And it performs much worse.
The only thing good about the A series is that majority of them have good Oled displays. The rest of the phone is average at best.

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I always check the heat map of the polls on this website and the vast majority of voters live in markets where most people have a preference for budget phones. So it makes total sense that flagship phones in general won’t get too much love in the polls.

AnonD-923722, 24 Jan 2021The periscope sucks at 8 MPHave you read the review of mate 40 Pro? If not then please read it

sohail shafayat, 24 Jan 2021I don't care for any brand since no one is giving me a... moreGood luck with it mate and also best of luck with hacking it all the time to get your apps running. I am not a fan of any brand also, I buy what I like :)

Livius, 24 Jan 2021I would personally never buy another Huawei phone again. I ... moreI don't care for any brand since no one is giving me a phone for free. But I must praise the Mate 40 Pro, mostly for it's 74mm wide screen, the most versatile camera setup, above moderate/good battery life etc. Meets my taste and preference. That's it.

P-CHM, 24 Jan 2021Samsung offers 4 years of security updates at minimum now, ... moreI still hate Shamesung for so many reasons, this is just an over-rated brand. Camera performance, battery life and physical design is The first three drawbacks. They are out of my taste. Thanks.

sohail shafayat, 24 Jan 2021I am NOT a fanboy of any brand, but the mate 40 Pro wins my... moreI would personally never buy another Huawei phone again. I have a P40 Pro and it's collecting dust after only 1 month of usage. I am sick and tired of haching it non stop to get my apps to run and in the end some of them still don't work right. Plus, with EMUI 11 there is battery drain problems and they have lowered the quality of the FFC and now even a Galaxy A71 takes better videos. Their customers support center is trash, I told them about the problem and they said that the phone is how it should be so yeah NO thank you. I supported them by buying the Mate Pad Pro and GT2 Pro but after this BS they've done with P40 Pro they can go F themselves with their phones. If I would have to chose something, I would go for a Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Oneplus, Oppo and Sammy will be my last choice.