Nokia preparing to launch plenty of new phones in Q1 and Q2 2021

23 January 2021
Two of those will be 5G-capable.

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  • mRkii

7.3 and 7.4?

7.3 OR 7.4!

Even better: 7.3

SShreyas, 26 Jan 2021I don't need Play Services. My life would be better wi... moreHuawei's EMUI running on Honor 9X Pro global version of devoid of any advertisement.

I have two Honor phones and both are bloat free and advertisement free.

RishiGuru, 25 Jan 2021You are right brother. The phones which stood out in my eye... moreI don't need Play Services. My life would be better without them.
Can you tell me if there are any advertisement on Honor or not?

toddluvzgta, 25 Jan 2021Must be your voltage in India or whatever Mine still tak... moreThere are a lot many people like me.
And I don't live in any remote town or rural area. All other devices, except my phone are charging as expected.
My 5 year old Tab A also charges it's 7000mAh battery in the same time as my 6.1 Plus, that too, from a micro-USB port (via same adapter).

  • Shareef

Many of Nokia mobile have charging portal complaint.

SShreyas, 25 Jan 2021A little typo. The charging time is above 3 hoursMust be your voltage in India or whatever

Mine still takes under 2 hours, was ~1%/min now lowered a bit cuz of age.

  • Disappointed Nokia u

Bought my nokia 6.1 plus couple of years ago. I faced so many issues with the device. Have spent more than ₹. 6000 for 3 times charging port replacement, 2 times battery replacement and 2 times receiver replacement. Should have bought something else. Terrible experience with Nokia. Sorry Nokia. Never ever gonna come back to you to experience this again.

Unb1453d, 23 Jan 2021Hmd has left the chat. Oh not yet, like seriously they real... moreFunny you mention LG and Sony. There are still a lot of buyers and fans out there who prefer to have either of them. Some are a total newcomer coming from popular brands.

SShreyas, 25 Jan 2021Not even 2018 bro, only the phone launched in H1, 2018. Th... moreYou are right brother. The phones which stood out in my eyes in having the right balance of performance & built quality are Nokia 6.1, Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 8, Nokia 8.1 & Nokia 8 Sirroco. All the rest models released in 2017 & 2018 either lacked in build quality or performance side.

Nokia 5.1 Plus & Nokia 6.1 Plus were never intended for global markets and were first restricted to Chinese market only. Nokia did this on purpose as they knew the product quality is China specific and and did not meet their global standards.

So during India launch of Nokia 6.1, 7 Plus & 8 Sirroco back in 2018, they raised a poll which generated overwhelmingly positive results of having 5.1 Plus & 6.1 Plus launched in Indiay. Both phones sell very well due to good specifications, but they lacked the quality on Nokia 6.1.

I bought Nokia 6.1 (4/64 GB) brand new from an online store at just ₹7,200 ($100) in 2019. Just no regrets with the phone as the built quality of the device represents that of a $700 phone.

Software has always been the week point of Nokia under HMD Global, as they are not properly optimized and not able to maximize the potential of the underling hardware. On reasonably powerful hardware like on my Snapdragon 660 clad Nokia 7 Plus the software lag will go unnoticed. But on my Nokia 6.1 with Snapdragon 630, you sometime feel the lag.

Nokia 7 Plus is no more my primary device, I am using the Honor 9X Pro now. The 9X Pro just blew me away inspite not having Google Mobile Services (GMS) onboard. For the current price of INR 12.75K ($170/€156) in India, Honor 9X Pro (6/256 GB, Global variant) costs next to nothing while the Kirin 810 SoC provides flagship Snapdragon 845 grade performance.

  • Anonymous

How are you going to fix the slow camera of Nokia 9 as soon as possible. I am very disappointed with Nokia 9 Camera.

SShreyas, 25 Jan 2021But there is a limit for everything. Which HMD don't s... moreA little typo.
The charging time is above 3 hours

RishiGuru, 24 Jan 2021HMD Global from its onset had an ambition to set new standa... moreNot even 2018 bro, only the phone launched in H1, 2018.
The phones released in the later half of 2018 were also of worse quality. My 6.1 Plus got a faulty headphone jack from beginning and the charging port too was a pain in the a**. It was replaced thrice, still takes 3-3.5 hours to get fully charged.
And the software my phone had was ridiculous, coupled with Huawei-like attitude regarding bootloader.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Majority of Android phones are buggy and laggy up until a c... moreBut there is a limit for everything. Which HMD don't seem to care about.
My 6.1 Plus used to freeze while commenting on GSMArena or surfing the web with no background app running (intentionally).
My phone wasn't able to capture photos from any third-party app. And the native camera app was garbage with flash never available.
Many a times it used to restart on its own.

And this is just the software part. The faulty charging port has been changed THRICE, my headphone jack once, still it takes 2 hours to charge 3000mAh battery from 18W adapter.

And I paid to a third party websites to unlock my bootloader. HMD didn't even cared to reply me when I asked for the same.

The problem with HMD is not just overpricing or lower spec (like eMMC 5.1 in a €600 phone). The problem is use of cheapest available equipments and still expecting consumer to pay more.

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Samsung, xiaomi, huawei with all their money and power they... moreSmall? Even smaller brands like Tecno are at least doing better than HMD, both in terms of sales and outsourcing

  • Nokia User

New phones with Outdated chips

  • Nette

Seems that HMD is running out of steam releasing new mid-range or flagship models, 8.x and 9.x

Glory days of Nokia seems hard to be revived specially this pandemic :(

  • moriss

nokia must bring new model in the phils. and the price also make a little drop , filipino people like and tested nokia brand than chinese brand bring many kinds of model and surely it will click the market of cellular phone in the phils.

  • Sin

Everything nokia offers in its android one setup is lovable .. except the small battery n faulty type c connectors .. I bought 4 fon from nokia .. n 4 had the same issues of type c n small battery size. If u fix these .. nothing can stop nokia from returning strongly

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2021Majority of Android phones are buggy and laggy up until a c... moreI buy phones under 200 euro and never expect them to be as good as flagships or what ever.
All of these under 200 euro phones are on par with HMD phones that cost 300-400 based on the hardware. HMD phone with same hardware for 400 euro lag same like the random name phone from China with the same hardware for 200 euro. So how does it make sense to pay 2 times the price and still have a mess of a lags.

Never mind that i dont even understand what is a lag on a phone. And well i wont understand it cause i dont use the phone a lot as my usual battery life is 3-4 days without charging. Sometimes even 5 days i dont charge the phone. When i dont play games and dont use camera more then few clicks in few months then why do i need a phone more expensive then 200 euro. Tbh even at 200 the phones be overkill for my needs.

  • Unown

Overpriced phone with meh specs.