Tipster claims OnePlus 9, 9 Pro won't feature periscope lens

26 January 2021
Both phones are rumored to arrive in March with Snapdragon 888 and 120Hz displays.

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  • Niels2029

No periscope lens? Im disappointed, ill stick to my OnePlus 8, and wait for periscope lens on OnePlus X. Look at the old Huawei p30 pro, old phone but with outstanding 5x optical zoom

  • Nielserosis

AnonD-973296, 26 Jan 2021do we even need a periscope lens on a phone??If you find a UFO in the sky you will understand someday..

Yet another hole in the display.

  • Wojtek

Great news! Periscope is simply duuumb...

  • Bbecker1983

I have the S21 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra, personal opinion 5x Periscope is too much for some cases and not enough in others. OnePlus 9 Pro with a good 12mp 3x would be perfect for most

  • Anonymouse

i have to say this again and again: UGLY punch hole!

AnonD-896879, 27 Jan 2021Well better have only one single usable camera on the back ... moreI don't think so. Versatility is always good.

  • AnonD-896879

AnonD-973296, 26 Jan 2021do we even need a periscope lens on a phone??Do we even need 7 cameras in our phones ?!??
Do we even need 3 cameras in our phone ????
Only one on the back is very good ,but for some people I may sacrifice and add an ultra wide even tho I don"t care about it at all

  • AnonD-896879

notafanboy, 26 Jan 2021Wow this is bad news. A flagship without periscope lens? Well better have only one single usable camera on the back
No need to pay double the price and having Thicccc BIG 250g phone for 1500€
Better have a 500€ flagship with a single good camera

  • AnonD-896879

Anonymous, 26 Jan 2021It's not same camera , it's second generation HM3... moreThe s21 and s21 plus uses 12mpx not HM1 OR 3 or any of that

  • AnonD-896879

Raky, 26 Jan 2021But that camera is at least 3 generation in front of what O... moreThe oneplus 8 pro camera is better than the s20 plus camera as per dxomark
Unless someone will die for having 1 or 2 more point to match the s20 ultra

  • AnonD-896879

AnonD-923722, 26 Jan 2021Camera is important bro, it determines 60% of the consumers... moreIt IS not important for me at all
One good caméra on thé back is more than sufficient ,
I hate front cameras ,I prefer a full display without useless cameras

Yes that is right. No premium features only a premium price tag.

  • Anonymous

Why not snapdragon 870

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 26 Jan 2021What about call recording optionDownload stock oneplus dialer and call app.. Then you can use call recording feature

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 26 Jan 2021What about call recording optionno

  • Rajesh

What about call recording option

  • Cyco

One more reason to stick to my 7 pro

Oppo is doing this:) The top flagmant is Oppo. 2020 they did the same. No periscope on 9t pro. And periscope on find x2 pro.
I hope for 10x optical on x3 pro. But as it seems from s21ultra, this is where we are going too :)

  • 12 Pro Max

12 Pro Max does not have periscope even though it is top end super expensive phone, I feel OnePlus will go for periscope when ever Apple do it.
Not to mention that introducing good periscope will add another 100 to the price tag.

If 9 Pro will have strong telephoto camera with good 3X it will be plenty enough. Most important is if the rumors to be true about double new high end 50MP Sony IMX sensors, IMX789 for main and IMX766 for ultrawide, custom made sensors for only Oppo Find X3 Pro and OnePlus 9 Pro.