First Sony Xperia 1 III renders show a periscope camera, slimmer bezels

28 January 2021
The design is otherwise unchanged - all flat sides and 90° angles. Sony will keep the 3.5 mm jack and microSD slot that we enjoyed on the Mark II.

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  • Jens

ying zu, 15 Feb 2021Any phone wider than 64mm is not comfortable in the hand 70... moreIm going to assume you are ironic or have smaller than average hands haha, my phone is 77mm wide and have no problem holi doing it in one hand and my hands are pretty small for a guy

TonyNoty, 19 Feb 2021I think 6 inches is too small.I want more.than carrie a laptop. my 6 incher not fit into my pocket.
cmon thats stupid. many over 6.5" nowadays. if you want big screen gaming and video laptop/desktop + TV.

  • TonyNoty

I think 6 inches is too small.I want more.

LOL, 05 Feb 2021Don't think you can operate the X1m3 with one hand... ... moreAny phone wider than 64mm is not comfortable in the hand 70mm and bigger is a disaster, I don't buy the 5ii becouse it is 68mm too wide for my avarage size hands

  • LOL

The periscope lens should be higher than 12MP... probably 64MP (IMX686).

So it probably won't be 12/12/12MP like last year.

  • LOL

ying zu, 03 Feb 2021The greatest improvement of the mk 3 is the narrower width ... moreDon't think you can operate the X1m3 with one hand... the X5m3, maybe.

The greatest improvement of the mk 3 is the narrower width from 71.6mm to 68.4mm is a huge difference, almost like the smaller phones you can operete with the one hand

danwat1234, 01 Feb 2021Shame it probably still uses a horizontal task switcher. be... moregood idea... my z5 premium has that and is shorter than my 1ii... sadly, xperia ui has decreased the customisation out of the box...

Shame it probably still uses a horizontal task switcher. because, the screen is narrower and taller than most other flagship phones. A vertical task switcher would make a lot more sense most of the time. Give users a choice.

Zzz, 01 Feb 2021If you want to compare WQHD and 4K, just compare vanilla S2... morethe endurance test gives 71hr for vanilla s20... 83h for 1ii... so by gsmarenas definition of endurance, a 4k oled is better than than dynamic amoled 2x...

  • Zzz

Android-Authority, 31 Jan 2021Why are you suddenly singling out QHD HRR devices? Didn... moreIf you want to compare WQHD and 4K, just compare vanilla S20 and 1ii, same screen area, same battery, S20 has 12H video playback and 12H webbrowsing test, while 1ii has 12.5H video and 10H webbrowsing
Not much differences

Switch S20 to FHD 120hz, and you can only has 9H and 11H in video and web
So 4K 60hz have worst when browsing through web, while FHD 120hz have worst when playing video

  • Zzz

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2021Haha ok lets do it from the top, this is only fun and games... moreAdditionally, Xperia 1ii maybe the only phone with 128% SRGB
While S21ultra only manage 97% SRGB

Those 1B colour were not a lie

I would like to see an Xperia 1 iii version with full hd 120hz display with lower price tag so that people can choose between 4k display band higer refresh rate

  • Anonymous

It's all meaningless, if Sony doesn't release a version that fully supports North American cellular bands. So far the existing Xperia flagship phones are incredibly expensive and leave out crucial bands to work in North America, thereby exclusing a huge part of the global market. For those who live elsewhere, they are a nice phone, but no in North America.

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2021Haha ok lets do it from the top, this is only fun and games... more+1 for Sony to use Sharp IGZO panels (they still make OLED IGZO panels according to their website). Much more efficient and looks miles better than Samsung's AMOLED panels.

  • cipy

Slimmer bezels, periscope camera, that's extra 500 bucks

Glass on the front and back with aluminium frame, 3.5 mm headphone jack, no notch or punch hole so it's a full view display, dual front-facing stereo sspeakers, snapdragon 888, ip68 water and dust resistance, not a Chinese brand so Chinese government won't spy you :)

  • Anonymous

Android-Authority, 31 Jan 2021Why are you suddenly singling out QHD HRR devices? Didn... moreHaha ok lets do it from the top, this is only fun and games and pancakes do sound sooo goood right now I didn't have em in a while. Could hit em tonight! Thanks for the tip!

You said first that 4K eats up more battery and that HRR is better option instead. Since Sony is the only one with 4K screen you probably did compare it to something else and the closest one is device with QHD panel and HRR. It's obvious 4K needs more juice than QHD but if you add HRR onto QHD then it requires more juice. But OP8 Pro does prove that doesn't need to be the case while Samsung has failed big time with S20. S21 Ultra is the winner with it's adjustable refresh rate and the only con I can tell from the reviews it's still not as smooth as when display is constantly on 120Mhz but I would guess that's about drivers.

There is no contest between Sony 4K and Sony FHD 102Mhz on Xperia 5II. Fiver is the absolute champ in battery life even in 120 mode, it kills 1 II in endurance. But I would like to address that OLED 4K. IPS LCDs on Sony XZ2 and 4K on XZ2 Premium were absolute beasts in terms of contrast and blacks, they were OLED like quality and it's really hard to explain to anyone who didn't use them. Blacks were super deep and those reds were popin like crazy but the best of all whites were whites. Now that LCD 4K display on XZ2 Premium was overkill, absolute overkill that didn't yield much compared to XZ2. Since they switched to crappy pentile OLED suddenly 4K or QHD became alot more relevant due to subpar subpixel pattern. 21:9 4K display on 1/1II is the first ever pentile OLED display on mobile phone that has the same amount of subpixels as does FHD LCD screen with rgb array. So yeah I think 4K/QHD resolution makes a great difference in mobile OLED industry and the difference is obvious with the naked eye compared to FHD OLED. That's why I am not contesting 4K resolution on 1II unlike on XZ2 Premium which was unnecessary.

Sony display is dimmer due to subpixels small size, contrary to what people believe that Sony has limited the display to prevent the burn in. They couldn't care less about the burn in on a device they expect you to replace every two years or so. They do dim panels on their A series OLED TV sets but those are close to $3000 devices to start with. Anyway due to low brightness of 4K OLED display they can correctly track gamma on any brightness at 0.7 which is impressive but useless to everyday consumer. Where it's useful is on Xperia PRO when you need to monitor proper color but that's $2,500 device which makes it useless for 99.95% of the people including those with cameras. Oppo has a perfect compromise, tad bit lower resolution with great gamma tracking at tad bit below 1 (very few eyes can tell the difference between 0.7 and 0.9) and it requires less battery juice. Oppo much like Sony don't have gold frequency shift like Samsung S20 does for some reason but still much like any pentile OLED it has time displaying whitest white compared to LCD on XZ2.

OK that was a long random rant. I guess my point is I would love me some Sharp IGZO FHD panel on a phone like 1II or X2 Pro or S21

Ali Chowdhury, 31 Jan 2021Ive been using Sony phone since 2013, first the xperia t, ... morenice... using z5 premium right now too...
but do not expect sony to use huge battery capacity and a 30w fast charging...

Android-Authority, 31 Jan 2021No one cares about optimization of battery if overall batte... more"no one cares"?
then, i think people should... unless they are going to trash their phones after a year...
check on battery endurance test here in gsmarena so you can feed your mind, not only the ego...