Xiaomi's new concept phone has a waterfall display that curves in all four corners

05 February 2021
The sides, top and bottom bend at 88 degrees.

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  • Anonymous

Snowman, 07 Feb 2021You people seriously need to stop dropping your phones. Gra... moreHave you ever actually held a baby?
When you hold a baby, that is your main concern and responsibility.
Why would I want to feel this responsibility (and pressure) whenever I'm holding my phone?!
Would you carelessly whip out a baby out of your pocket while walking down the street?
Phone =/= baby...

  • sadassbabyfruit

MEANWHILE on the Apple camp..... still stuck with that ugly, huge chunk of notch (or rows of black teeth). "What year is it?" shouts Robin Williams from Jumanji...

  • anyone

just when you thought that things can't get any dumber in the smartphone industry. let's make phones even more expensive by making them even more impractical just for the sake of it. add 10 cameras on the back, 5 on the front and one on each side! i'm sure you can make a notch or a bump next to that "waterfall" design. and then start removing stuff that used to come with the phone to claim that you want the price down.
sommon sense phones are so rare these days

  • Snowman

You people seriously need to stop dropping your phones. Grab hold of it and hold it like it was a tiny baby that you don't want to drop! Have you ever dropped a baby? No didn't think so!

  • Xio Hgnu

Rurouni, 05 Feb 2021This is one of those impressive thing that is kinda useless... moreCorrect! It's call design flare! That's what makes us want a Ferrari over a Toyota even though we can't afford a Ferrari and know we must buy a Toyota.

  • zheng zhi

ok no more fun
no more all screen phone that everyone screamed for
go back to bezels and protect the screen

I love curved screen but I don't own one personally.. the only curved screen phone i have used was my friend's.. i don't understand why people are complaining about curved display, because for me it looked beautiful and expensive, and I know 90% of people complaining Don't actually own a curved phone.. so all said I will be glad to use a phone like this 😊

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2021Absolutely hate curved edges on phones and any screen. Glad... moreI'm using S6 Edge. Curved screen isn't annoying at all. It looks cool and doesn't broke after few drops. For comfort it is the same as flat screen.

  • Anonymous

Absolutely hate curved edges on phones and any screen. Glad I have a V60 now with a flat screen after using an S9 for over a year. No more curved screens for me.

  • AnonD-973296

how can u make a case for this phone? how can u charge it? can u charge it wirelessly through a screen? is this phone going to be a show phone? will it be sold? if so then will it be china exclusive? i have so many questions lol

  • kkl

Useless, but clean phone on aosp not on the agenda

  • AnonD-973296

AnonD-804996, 06 Feb 2021Figuratively and literally. I know MKBHD mentioned the edge... morecorrect me if i am wrong, but it also is more efficient put the hardware in with the flat edges

I guess it will come with "phone holder" in the box

"The new display actually comes with four rounded cutouts in the corners which are presumably there to deter unwanted palm touches."

How about: "Physical impossibilty" instead 😂 😛

  • Seul8tr

AnonD-804996, 06 Feb 2021Figuratively and literally. I know MKBHD mentioned the edge... moreLooks sexy stylish trendy modern than ugly curve phones.
Look at Note20, sharp edges and every Note owners buy it because its not ugly curves like S series or iphones.

  • Seul8tr

Omg, ugly .
Flat screen and rectangular sharp edges please.

  • AnonD-804996

Siddhant Pandey, 06 Feb 2021The flat design of iphone 12 is very sharp Figuratively and literally. I know MKBHD mentioned the edges are a bit sharp on edges as you're holding it.

AnonD-804996, 05 Feb 2021While cool, it's totally impractical. It would be slip... moreThe flat design of iphone 12 is very sharp

This one doesn't have any use case. At most this is for demonstration purposes

These are not at all called an innovation in tech. It's called innovation in design. Please improve software efficiency, battery lifetime & make the device smaller instead of ramping up its size each year.