Xiaomi's new concept phone has a waterfall display that curves in all four corners

05 February 2021
The sides, top and bottom bend at 88 degrees.

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a phone waiting to be cracked

  • Hi

This concept is pretty impractical. It would cost more because of the extra screen and is more prone to shatter. Putting a screen protector on it is basically impossible and since it's portless, you can only wirelessly charge, which probably won't be appreciated by lots. The corners would also be very annoying and there will be just a black part in the corners, like with the Mi 11.

This concept phone would probably end up like the Mi Mix Alpha. It most likely wouldn't even come out as they realise how impractical this is.

but, why?????????

  • Anonymous

Will be covered with a case but sure go ahead lol.

  • Carol

So, nothing usefull, or even that would make sense. Another useless gimmick some might call "Innovation".

Actual people who use phones "Please stop with the curved edge screens"
Xiaomi "How about here's a GIANT F-YOU."

hyper four curved screen
under display camera&under display speaker
no more wire charging port,only wireless charging

  • AnonD-804996

While cool, it's totally impractical. It would be slippery, fragile and impossible to use screen protector of any kind. Which is already a nightmare on curved phones. People might hate on Apple's choice of going full flat on iPhone 12, but I actually like that. You can at least use screen protector edge to edge on the display. Something I just can't on my iPhone XR with slightly curved edges. I used bunch of screen protectors that were claiming to be curved that really weren't. Oh well, the magic of AliExpress lol. My guess its that this will remain a concept phone or it'll be with above problems.

  • Anonymous

Looks cool. Waiting for final release.