Xiaomi's new concept phone has a waterfall display that curves in all four corners

05 February 2021
The sides, top and bottom bend at 88 degrees.

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  • 05 Feb 2021

YUKI93, 05 Feb 2021I don't see the point of wireless charging when you st... moreI see your point of view, but let me tell you mine:
I absolutely love the wireless charging stand in my office. My S10e is standing in front of me, very good view at the notifications. Phone is charging and if I need to pick up the phone then there is no hassle with any cable: just use my phone and put it back on the stand.
Slow QI charge is no issue for me also, as I arrive to the office I put my phone on it. 8 hours of work can assure ~ 6 hours of slow charge (assuming that I also use the phone ). I leave office with a fully loaded phone that can easily last till next day and there is absolutely no need to search for my charger at home in the evening.
My GF and me are using a SOCO power bank with QI charging so we both can use that without cable ( and keeping in mind that I have USB type C and she has got Lightning cable this is very useful function).

To sum it up: Yes, wireless charging is not necessary, but it is absolutely comfortable. And I would never buy a phone without it again.

    I find it interesting that other OEMs have embraced curved displays to the point of making them even more prenounced and all four sides, whereas Samsung who was the first to introduce curved displays is moving away from them. Personally I like them, hope there here to stay.

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      • 05 Feb 2021

      Ugly corners, no display there. They're trying to hide it.

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        • 05 Feb 2021

        Hopping to see it happening for real.
        Owing a cool phone is something else. I like being standing out in the crowd.

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          • 05 Feb 2021

          Even if:
          - it is very fragile, can not be protected
          - has no cable connection
          - can not be used with hand without constant unsolicited touches
          - has no effective function

          It looks absolutely stunning!

            No, just NO.

              Vivo also came with concept, it's inevitable. Wonder though what will happen to lossless sound, wire is still the only way.

                AnonD-920712, 05 Feb 2021all whole curve is nightmare. It means the frames are glas... morenot everyone that buy expensive phones would play games with them, a 200$ phone is more than enough for games, no one is going to spend over 4k (the mi mix alpha was 3500 at launch) and i for this one just to game on it.

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                  • 05 Feb 2021

                  AnonD-804996, 05 Feb 2021While cool, it's totally impractical. It would be slip... moreiphone 12 series feel great in hand...it is a very practical design...i absolutely hate the curve display of my mi 10

                    10 out of 10 for cool factor, 1 out of 10 for practical real-world use. Going all wireless? No thanks, I don't embrace them anymore.

                      ericwang, 05 Feb 2021hyper four curved screen under display camera&under di... moreI don't see the point of wireless charging when you still need to plug in the wireless charger brick to a socket. I rather go wired all the way instead.

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                        • 05 Feb 2021

                        For everyone complaining about fragility I have one word for you;


                        *drops mic

                          AnonD-920712, 05 Feb 2021all whole curve is nightmare. It means the frames are glas... moreWireless itself never works well during gaming. You really have to go wired to get the best experience. That's the reality you can't change.

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                            • 05 Feb 2021

                            what a phone needs these days

                            full flat diaplay like iqoo 7


                            rollable like lg/oppo


                            inward foldable like z fold 3

                              Huawei P40 pro curve X Huawei Mate 40 Pro curve =
                              XIAOMI Prototype Quad Waterfall Curved edge display

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                                • 05 Feb 2021

                                One drop then throw it in basket

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                                  • 05 Feb 2021

                                  Would love to see the actual device. It will look amazing.

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                                    • 05 Feb 2021

                                    all whole curve is nightmare.
                                    It means the frames are glass (and glass breaks).
                                    Better if the frame made from metal or plastic.

                                    And that prototype has NO CHARGING PORT.
                                    The trend of iPhone' no port will start.
                                    Imagine you must playing game with TWS that always have sound delay. You must buy very expensive TWS so the sound is on time.

                                      This seems like a nice concept, but what about usability?
                                      Does it come with 5 free replacements for broken screen when it drops?
                                      Because I can't really put tempered glass screen protector on this, and most drop-protecting cases won't do much with so much curvature (they can cover edges but your device will likely jump out of the case as soon as that edge hits the ground).

                                      Oh, and does it have a charging port? Any side buttons? Or was everything removed for the screen?

                                      And what's next, a screen pebble? A device that is 100% screen on all sides, with no holes whatsoever, with all the cameras hidden behind the screen, with only wireless communications, no speakers (or speakers built into the screen)?

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                                        • 05 Feb 2021

                                        LEEDAQ, 05 Feb 2021 a phone waiting to be cracked phone companies want consumers to spend more money when phones breaks