Motorola signs deal with rugged phone maker Bullitt Group

11 February 2021
More details on the first Moto branded rugged phone will be revealed later this quarter.

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Z Force and Z2 Force weren't the only Force phones Moto made. There's also a Moto X Force also known as Droid Turbo 2, that was actually the first phone in the Force series of devices

  • Sameer Ahmed

If this version of Moto phone is under the bugget of a layman,then I want to be the first person u but it.....

  • George

Bad idea. The Force series were rugged enough without looking ugly as hell. It's just a way to satisfy the Force series lovers without investing any money... Unless they give the shattershield technology to these people, I don't see this being a succes. Shattershield was great with an airglass protector on top.

On a priority basis, Motorola should focus on few quality handsets with a consistent updates schedules. It is good software support which brings in loyal customers.

Currently they are simply following OPPO VIVO strategy of flooding the market with confusing number of options.

To be a market leader one should not be a follower of what others do. Rather set a trend and let others follow.

  • I am a God

Motorola still alive in this segment

Let's hope they use good chips as well

  • Anonymous

Waiting for Defy 3

  • Anonymous

Good, Motorola seems to be gaining momentum recently, with better and better phones. It remains for them to forget about the stupid 720p displays they are plastering left and right and they might start competing with Xiaomi (Xiaomi seems to be going downhill lately so we need a new mid-range king).

Got three Force series smartphones and I'd certainly like to see more of such phones by Moto and buy one if it's really good since rugged phones aren't really all that much protected, as the screen is still glass and not something like shattershield

  • AnonD-973296

would be cool to see those phones come back