WhatsApp explains what happens to people who won't agree to its privacy changes

20 February 2021
The deadline for accepting the new terms and conditions had been moved to May 15.

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  • Anon Guy

Just use better alternative like Signal Messenger 😎

  • Dontwanttobespyed

Facebook and Whatsapp behave like a totalitarian state. Facebook itself blocks profiles that people don't want to identify themselves with their ID card if asked to do so. Youtube is doing it too, asking for a credit card or your ID card to view content they consider "adult", when not even nudity is allowed on Youtube. They are bypassing over all European rules of privacy, and that should make users themselves stop using those platforms when they see similar social networks. DonΒ΄t let this guy spy you.

  • Anonymous

What is a messaging app? I don't even have data plans! LOL!

  • Spawn78

Telegram is way more secure and has better features than whatsapp could ever hope to have. I work in a corporation where we have large teams, and telegram is the perfect messaging tool for sending work related messages on the go!

I just don't understand what to say. It seems like GSMArena is just running a propoganda... Firstly, no I don't use messenger.

Let's get things clear- Whatsapp did mention interactions with business accounts to be shared, right or not?
Second, few of us already remember at least one genuine friend being on business account, right or not?

So, at a point, interactions with business accounts will be shared, right? Then what is it that you're typing here? Can we talk clearly?

  • Krishna

Some one, please update if whatsapp is asking for 'i agree' or 'not now' option again. And what 'not now' or later mean to convey if opted.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021And WhatsApp has 2 billion. Just saying. But, to tell you... moreProblem of having low userbase is that many people aren't on it. So you are forced to use WhatsApp

  • Anonymous

Yi, 21 Feb 2021China is not worse than USA... whole USA half market is bei... moreChinese manufacturing, not products....

  • Anonymous

The initial post I saw on this issue on 7th January on this same platform stated that what will be shared included ip address, location, device OS and various other information. Now this post says only transactions will be shared with fb. Is anyone actually sure of anything?

  • Anonymous

I can't delete WA
But I can delete FB
So my WA won't send data to FB

  • Anonymous

probably its time for new platforms then

  • Anonymous

Who even uses Facebook Messenger?

Sunhuivchai, 20 Feb 2021You lack some critical information about Chinese companies.... moreF-droid isn't FOSS. It's open source client, but it's entirely committed to corporations. They have been removing competing to Twitter, Facebook, Google etc apps from repositories.

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021Only operational center in Dubai. They run by UK rules.UK doesn't have anything to do to Telegram jurisdiction. It's just one of marketing offices.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2021Well technically Telegram is in UK and Dubai. Lol. Only operational center in Dubai. They run by UK rules.

  • KIM

"which is funny because while that's not true for WhatsApp, it is for Facebook Messenger, and there was never a backlash about that service, was there?" That's because nobody uses FB messenger like they do with Whatsapp. FB Messenger feels like an extension of FB while Whatsapp is more personal. Hence, the backlash.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021China is faaaaaar better MS, Amazon Google have Pentagon... moreYeah, the difference between this two countries is that, in US sometimes the general population knows about some of this things. In China (like in Russia) everything is perfect, no worries, nothing to see here, but behind the curtains bad sh*t is happening.
In other words, everybody else thinks that in China things are better, because they don't let any of its unusual news roll out to the world. Cover up is the key word here.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021They just added 100 million users after the whatsapp sharin... moreAnd WhatsApp has 2 billion. Just saying.
But, to tell you the truth I hope Signal stays in a low figure. Because, if it will become more and more popular, it will attract bad things as well. Remember Facebook was actually quite nice in the first few years, up until 2011-2012.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Feb 2021hurr durr usa bad guy villain china good amazing honest wor... moreChina is faaaaaar better

MS, Amazon Google have Pentagon contracts essentially military companies

Blame Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg for this