Samsung commits to 4 years of updates for its 2019 and later smartphones

22 February 2021
The new policy includes the Z, S, Note, A, M, XCover and Tab series.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2021Don't be fooled. These are only SECURITY one said that is android updates, it is clearly stated security updates.

will m62 get 3 major updates as well?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021Happy that my samsung galaxy tab s5e and galaxy a40 will 2... moreDon't be fooled. These are only SECURITY updates.

  • lol idk

Does the A20e gets 4 years of update? Because I don't see it in the list

  • E1000

How about committing to fixing bugs and removing ads from system apps?

  • Anonymous

Happy that my samsung galaxy tab s5e and galaxy a40 will 2 extra updates

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2021low end and midrange are cheaper but it's performance... moreExactly! I hope these updates won’t make it worse

  • Anonymous

Hey, 24 Feb 2021That's like saying you'd rather whip a brand new ... morelow end and midrange are cheaper but it's performance on level with 5 year old flagship
when they first released they are optimised for everything but after a year it'll just become to slow

  • Sayeem Ahmed Ovi

Excellent good job

sa11oum, 23 Feb 2021WOW! Welcome to 2013, Samsung users!Do you say the same to iPhone users for not having an AOD or 1440p screen?

  • Hey

Tech Ninja, 25 Feb 2021Lexus? In this regard, yes, in others, I need more muscle and class πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

Hey, 24 Feb 2021Okay, have it your way, Lexus all day. 😊Lexus?

Samsung should also increase dimming PWM frequency of displays to at least 1 kHz. 240 Hz is useless.

  • Anonymous

Well done Samsung. Now going to sell my iPad pro and buy the Tab8

  • Hey

Matt James Paradise, 24 Feb 2021Nah. The difference between phones is much more marginal. I... moreOkay, have it your way, Lexus all day. 😊

  • Anonymous

MrDong, 23 Feb 2021I actually doubt it. Some brands like Xiaomi have to cut co... moreXiaomi has the best software in modern times.

  • Samsung over Chinese

Excellent move, Samsung! I have Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy Tab S5e. No need to replace them during the following two years unless batteries get in a bad condition. ;)

  • Anonymous

Where is A01 ?

  • Anonymous

What's with these car analogies? Phone tech enthusiasts are not necessarily into cars so stop pulling out car brands to make your point.

rizki1, 24 Feb 2021replaced? why dont just buy $140 64gb redmi note 8? gets 2 ... moreReplace is a word that means to substitute or switch out.