ZTE exec demoes new under-display camera ahead of MWC Shanghai

22 February 2021
The company has visibly improved the pixel density over the camera sensor.

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wbpwns, 26 Feb 2021I won't disagree that display is the most fragile but ... moreDon't get me wrong, I have nothing against the Zenfone 6/7/7 Pro or the Vivo Nex Dual Screen and Nubia Z20, I would love to have one of those "no front camera" solution too.
It is just the way you talked about the pop up sounded as if it was much more fragile than those while in fact it is more resilient.

Well, if you think about my solution, it doesn't add much to the thickness, the camera itself is on a "dent" so it doesn't add any thickness to the phone, and the back of the phone is simply a thin layer that slide on a rail on the back of the phone, in fact we can make it even less protruding by making it as a single band on the back that is itself inside a trench.

True, I think I remember using this point in favor of second display on the back.

The Zenfone maybe be more fragile because of how it is flapping actually, this combined with a fall wouldn't be too glorious, but as the pop up itself, there are ways to fix this, a simple latching pin would make it really effectively secured.

Good to hear that!

Demongornot, 25 Feb 2021Moving parts are NOT more fragile than non moving parts, th... moreI won't disagree that display is the most fragile but i never mentioned it because i was talking about different phone designs. All phones have displays. I didn't see any point memtioning it. I didn't mention glass back of flagships too even if only high end have it.

Yes manual slider was poorly done. Aside from what you said, another issue is i guess small battery they can fit in without making the phone too thick for causal users' liking.

As for z20, you can look at it your way (double the fragility) or you can look at another way. You break either screen and you still have another screen to use immediately after breaking. And that's before taking steps to replace the broken screen or the phone.

Zenfone 6/7 has software to detect if the phone is in free fall and flips back to place. I'm just referring to an actual forceful shaking of the phone (flip cam flaps back and forth)

I'm not against using any movable parts from cico nex s to find x to mix 3 to samsung a80 to zenfone 6/7.

wbpwns, 25 Feb 2021Moving parts isn't an issue with me because I'm n... moreMoving parts are NOT more fragile than non moving parts, this also include when dropping the device, in fact if tests have shown anything, it is that the display is more fragile than the pop up.
The manual slider was poorly done, rather than having the whole phone splitting in half, the obvious solution was to have the phone with a dent on the top of the back, then having an EXTERNAL slider mounted onto it, this way there wouldn't have been any issues and for the user it would have been the exact same thing to operate.
The reasons it stopped is both because of poor implementation and because of people complaining about something they could simply not buy.

The design you prefer literally are the more fragile, a second display on the back make the phone much more likely to break during drops, and the way the Zenfone flip up mechanism work make it much more fragile than the pop up, and it had real issues occurring, unlike the pop up.
I am not saying those are bad, or they shouldn't be done, in fact I'd buy an Asus Zenfone 7 Pro if it had the 3.5mm Jack and underdisplay FPS (preferably ultrasonic), but don't spit on "moving parts" for X or Y issues they don't have just to say you prefer solution A and B which are more prone to X or Y issues.

Demongornot, 23 Feb 2021Stop with "moving parts" OMG, there are NO ISSUES... moreMoving parts isn't an issue with me because I'm not the type to drop my phone but there are people clumsy enough to keep dropping their phones from as high as chest level (standing up) position. And keeping dropping them would sooner or later cause problems. And companies don't want to have to attend to those problems. That's why even manual slider phones stopped (lenovo z5 pro gt, mi mix 3, honor magic 2)

I prefer the z20 design (and also zenfone6/7) because it lets you use the rear cameras for selfies as well.

Acorns, 24 Feb 2021I honestly hated the notch phase and I deliberately held of... moreThat last sentence should say ud cameras

Anonymous, 22 Feb 2021I also never have owned a good selfie camera phone or even... moreI honestly hated the notch phase and I deliberately held off buying a new phone because of it and thought that ud cameras would replace them but I bought a Poco X3 NFC with centre punch hole camera and can honestly say that I never notice it's there when using the phone. I do think ud selfie cams are going to make true full screen displays the norm and that they will keep on improving in quality just like all tech improves year on year but I would say the hole punch is the next best solution till if cameras become mainstream.

wbpwns, 23 Feb 2021That samsung solution imho overly complicates things. Just ... moreStop with "moving parts" OMG, there are NO ISSUES with moving parts.

In fact, the solutions you prefer over the Samsung proposal are literally gone or going to disappear exactly because of those total inaccurate accusations against them.
And the reasons why the Samsung proposal is a thing in the first place is because the other solutions have been so much badmouthed that they aren't popular anymore, or at least that what haters want us to believe.
It "solves" the "dust", "water", "water resistance", "dropping" non-existing problems people have been complaining about, that's why it was patented, not because it is the best solution, but because it is the best solution haters haven't killed yet.

And the second display on the back did know the same faith, haters killed it.

K, 23 Feb 2021Under display camera phones are the next upgrade for phones... moreIt still doesn't justify that EVERY phones have the same thing, there is this thing called "diversity" that literally EVERY other markets beside smartphones have, because not everyone has the same tastes.
The vast majority of users complain about tech companies making again and again the same bad decisions, it isn't hard to understand that they do something wrong here.

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Detmar, 23 Feb 2021Yeah. Let's criticise ZTE but Apple's 50th notch ... moreAckchually ZTE is chainese SeeSeePee company

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Yeah. Let's criticise ZTE but Apple's 50th notch in a row is fine.

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good job zte

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kiasunkiasi, 23 Feb 2021hmm... ZTE steal our technology!!! oh wait...Quick ZTE made a new technology!!!!

How dare they!!!

Quick make up a lie and pass it to NYT,CNN and Reuters and they will amplify lies.

ZTE improves the selfieshooter, but is this good enough? The first one was a crappy VCM without AF, but now I am curious what the result is. If the screen is the same, the camera must be different, no doubt. ZTE have been patenting a new camera technology in some of their planned models, and if this tech is placed under the screen on this model it would be a really breakthrough for under-screen-cam. I have been doing some research, and I found patents from all the large brands, Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, OnePlus+++ with this new autofocus lensmodule. Check out the first completed module on Ofilms page, a Tlens for AF selfieshooters. It is named liquid lens, but that is not exactly correct. It is a polymer tunable Tlens from poLight, a small company with even smaller lenses. Xiaomi have already been testing this in real products for a year in the Mitu 4pro smartwarch for children, as the only not-VCM-camera in consumer. Check out poLights homepage, I think they will be introduced in one of the upcoming flagships very soon. My bet is Xiaomi MiMix, Redmi K40Ultra or ZTE Axon30.

notafanboy, 22 Feb 2021And? That somehow makes it okay to have such crap quality? ... morePerhaps certain ppl doesn't need a selfie cam at all you know ... So, there that ;)

hmm... ZTE steal our technology!!!
oh wait...

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Demongornot, 22 Feb 2021"Now, the Chinese manufacturer has improved the techno... moreThat samsung solution imho overly complicates things. Just use a meizu 16 bezel, or pop-up or full slider (mi mix 3).

I still personally nubia z20 because you can use rear cameras without moving parts. 2nd choice is asus zenfone 6/7 but the flip cam is moving part (and it flaps when you shake the phone, shown in youtube video)

i love company like this, even they are bad in selling numbers but they are working hard to make their name top like this under display camera... LG with that cool 2 screen, vivo with under display FP, xiaomi with crazy pixel camera.

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Demongornot, 22 Feb 2021"Now, the Chinese manufacturer has improved the techno... moreUnder display camera phones are the next upgrade for phones. If companies dont make these phones what will they sell in 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025?

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They'll keep on improving it until it's perfect. Then everyone can enjoy an unblemished display.