ZTE exec demoes new under-display camera ahead of MWC Shanghai

Yordan, 22 February 2021

ZTE Axon 20 was the first smartphone in the world with a selfie camera under the display, but the iamge quality was less than stellar. Now, the Chinese manufacturer has improved the technology and will introduce the Axon 30 Pro 5G at MWC Shanghai, with far superior performance.

Ni Fei, the President of Mobile Devices at ZTE, has posted a teaser photo on his personal Weibo profile, revealing the technology indeed does look better. Here’s the image which can be zoomed in:

The original image, posted by Ni Fei
The original image, posted by Ni Fei

The image points to both less visible issues with the panel over the camera sensor and improved image quality.

The first-gen panel was developed by Visinox, and we expect the same to be with the updated version. We’ll follow closely the event and we hope ZTE will give us more information on how the companies managed to circumvent the main issue - getting more light to reach the camera sensor.

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