Red Magic 6's screen to exceed 144Hz refresh rate

24 February 2021
This could be the first phone with a 165Hz display on the market.

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  • Anonymous

144Hz isn't the highest in a phone.
Even 165Hz won't be the highest.
The highest refresh rate for a phone's display is 240Hz[RIP Battery] in Sharp Aquos Zero2

  • Anonymous

Good progress. Hoping that one day, "soon", 60 Hz would just be a bad memory. Will take time, but we'll getting there slowly. Now the same thing for laptops etc., getting rid of 60 would be really good progress as well.

"Red Magic 6's screen to exceed 144Hz refresh rate"

It will refresh at 14400Hz. Basically it will Zap all users and turn them into zombies. Roflmfao

Boojas, 24 Feb 2021no need beyond 120 Hz. Even sometimes i set my rog simply ... more90 hz is more than enough...even 120 hz is overkill...but 60 hz is trash

Of course they need to increase the refresh rate otherwise people will have less reasons to buy thos over last year's model. Sd865+ is still plenty capable


Say good bye to battery life...

Wow... 165hz... Awesome as some games exceed 144fps...

How smooth. And whoever says that 60fps or 60hz is the same. Needs new glasses. Huge difference.

  • Anonymous

what about their sales ? do peoples buy this phones ???

no need beyond 120 Hz.
Even sometimes i set my rog simply to 60 hz, still can play game 60 fps.
refresh rate is boring

  • Anonymous

Too bad no tech site had Sharp Aquos Zero ii to test how long battery can sustain the 240Hz.