Red Magic 6's screen to exceed 144Hz refresh rate

Michail, 24 February 2021

While we wait for nubia to announce its Red Magic 6 next week the rumors keep piling on. The latest addition comes from nubia President Ni Fei who shared a teaser for the Red Magic 6’s display refresh rate. The post specifies that the new edition will be higher than the 144Hz seen on the Red Magic 5S though the actual number is not revealed just yet.

Weibo post by Ni Fei
Weibo post by Ni Fei

According to speculations, the Red Magic 6 will pack a 165Hz display. Red Magic phones have been consistent with upping their refresh rate and the Red Magic 5G was the first phone announced with a 144Hz refresh rate screen back in March 2020.

Red Magic 6's screen to exceed 144Hz refresh rate

Based on the latest leaks, the upcoming Red Magic 6 will debut with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888, improved fan cooling and a 4,500 mAh battery with blazing 120W fast charging capable of charging from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes.

Alongside the Red Magic 6, we’re expecting the Red Magic Watch which was teased and previously spotted in an FCC listing that detailed its key specs and design.

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Oh yeah, even on my friggin 60hz screen, even seeing the difference between 60hz and 144 hz on a video is really noticeble. like the mouse trail or "ghosting" for example, it's eliminated on a high refresh screen. geez, even I can noti...

  • Anonymous

That, or didn't know how to enable 120 Hz mode. It's a HUGE upgrade going from 60 to 120, one should be able to tell the difference pretty damn easily. Any movement on the screen -> easy to spot the smoothness that 60 Hz just can't ...

  • Anonymous

Some examples?

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