Weekly poll: are the three Redmi K40 phones the kings of their price segments or not?

28 February 2021
The trio offers 120 Hz Super AMOLED displays, Snapdragon 800 chips and high-resolution cameras - not to mention aggressive pricing.

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  • Anonymous

Nothing can compensate lack of proper telephoto camera for me.

  • Anonymous

Except the main sensor, all other cameras are hopeless.

LoweMi, 28 Feb 2021If they reach outside China they'll double in price!What do you expect, these are sold and made in china.

GG xiaomi, no others phone like this.

  • LoweMi

If they reach outside China they'll double in price!

  • Sela

why do we need high end chip if the camera`s are worthless.
no tele cam. an 8 mb UWW is even worse then Poco X3 and the 108 mb sensor still just marketing (no OIS etc).
Quite dissapointing proposal from xiaomi in terms of camera.
A Poco F-1 with gcam will still be the better option i guess.

K40 pro for me ❤️❤️❤️

Redmi K40 Pro should be perfect for my needs, now let's hope the price in Europe isn't too high (400 Euros will be perfect), otherwise the Redmi K40 should be fine for at least the next 2 Years.

  • gtt

These prices are for china market, I bet they will be much more expensive when they go global, just like mi 11.

I really would have picked the k40, if it had 4k 60fps recording. Such an amazing value for money it is! Now, I might pick the k40 pro to provide a proper balance between value and flagship features. Would be nice if it comes under poco branding to get at least 2 years of Android updates.

  • Anonymous

React 2 Gadgets YT, 28 Feb 2021Is Gcam compatible with the ultrawide and tele cam? It is a... moreMi 10 lite zoom has ois and telephoto
K30 pro zoom has ois and telephoto
Mi note 10 has ois and telephoto......
Mi 9, mi 9 se has telephoto and ois
Mi 9t pro has telephoto

  • redmi fans

waiting for iqoo neo 5

  • Stoy

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge xiaomi fanboy. But you have to consider that onco sold outside of chine the price will go up (about double should do the job). Wich would be ok, since it will be still a good proposition....but guys...you lost me at "no 3,5mm"
I mean...wtf????
Yeah I do have wireless and also true wireless (lypertec :-), but still. You lose so much audioqaulity without the cable !!!

Mediatek sux, 28 Feb 2021Using gcam and somewhat steady hands, then theres not much ... moreIs Gcam compatible with the ultrawide and tele cam? It is a shame that the Mi 9T is the last Flagship killer to have an telephoto lens from Xiaomi.

  • Dhdojebrjvkc

What did u guys vote. I voted vanilla k40

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Other companies are also making bang for buck products, why... moreBecause other companies never went outside Asia and especially China on a larger scale.
You need a lot of initial investment to enter as much global markets as possible. And a lot of products.
Make one phone nobody will notice. Make two phones, ok. Make three phones, starting to get better. Make ten, twenty phones and people will start asking questions and be interested in them (out of curiosity, out of need).

React 2 Gadgets YT, 28 Feb 2021Excuse me, is the lowlight quality without OIS great? Since... moreUsing gcam and somewhat steady hands, then theres not much difference, if any. Ois doesnt help when you need really long exposure anyway.

GSMarena, you forgot to add the option "All of them"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2021Is because of the pandemic they thrived. People don't ... moreOther companies are also making bang for buck products, why didn't they get more shipments then?

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm jack. So i wont even consider this shitty phone.