Carbon 1 MK II is first phone in the world with a carbon fiber monocoque

01 March 2021
This makes the phone quite light (125g) and thin (6.3 mm). Each carbon fiber shell is hand-molded by experienced engineers.

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  • RyusoulCool

A new break through

because the entirety of the consumers want a THIN and LIGHT phone. i bet that this phone will not last an entire day.
edit: and of course it has a camera bump.. so cute.. NOT. this thin trend phone led to having a camera bump. what's the point in having a thin phone if you slap a cheap case on it that raises the thickness by ~2mm...

At least there are no notches, holes or drops.

I think Poco F1 Kevlar edition was the first one.

And, we finally get an answer when people ask :
Why are special editon phones so expensive?
The price is near death
When company drops its price to Flagship price, it gives it an entry level specs. Wow. Entry level from 2017.

Teeny 3000maH battery too, that's why it's slim.
No 5G, no wireless charging, no zoom, no wide and a 1080p display - bargain!
At least it has a lightweight Android version...that's already out of date.

All the efforts go in vain when we realise that it is powered by Mediatek SoC.

Nobody would mind to pay more had it been SD chipset.

800 for Mediatek SoC phone is too much.

A Helio P90 in an 800 Euro phone?
What are they smoking?
No amount of alleged German engineering superiority can justify that crock.

  • Anonymous

Samsung should have done same instead of very cheap plastic.
Do not be surprised if S22 Ultra comes in plastic ...

  • TomsJones

OMG! It has mark 2 on its name. Now its basicly impossible to say it, or understand that naming scheme