The Asus ROG Phone 5 will have up to 18GB of RAM, Geekbench scorecard confirms

01 March 2021
Previously we've seen versions with 8GB and 16GB. Would be buyers can now reserve a place in line to buy the phone over at

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  • JT

What's the point of 18GB of Ram if a gaming PC has 16 and it's more than enough.

  • Exynos.0.0

8gb enough for gaming 12gb maximum your gonna use
no point buying this as most likely going be a chipset war between exynos snapdragon and apple
as new exynos amd gpu performance leaks of 2.5x apple a14 which if true will force competition to increase
better than extra ram that's never gonna be used no game or app will use 18gb currently maybe then 18gb is enough

Tech nerd 333, 02 Mar 2021Oh, sorry, didn't read that one properly. But still, m... moreNo probs m8 👍

SHAPESHIFTER, 01 Mar 2021Unless you are downloading useless apps 24/7 and let's... moreOh, sorry, didn't read that one properly. But still, most people anyways use those apps. anyways, in correlation to my last statement. some people have different use cases compared to you. gaming, multitasking, photo/video editing, etc. who knows, maybe someone out there is streaming 8k hdr content on their phones both on facebook and instagram simultaneously. (Not saying it's possible)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021Gaming phones are ahead of regular flagships. https://y... morefacts

  • Kanyan

I bought asus rog 3 for 1000$.
And i regeret it.
Plz don't waste your money on this stupid phone.
It heats and laggs.
Just look for another option.

  • AnonD-985481

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021IOS can't even do true multi tasking. Android has fea... moreWhen I’ll fancy some fiction, I’ll come back and read your posts lol. The lengths you people go to make things up in order to complain over iOS haha

  • Akki

They are doing everything fine..but damn they put really average screens on ROG phones.

Tech nerd 333, 02 Mar 2021Not everyone will have similar use cases dum dum. unlike yo... moreRead my comment properly,wake up fella,I don't have any of that useless apps on my phone,propper 24/7 NUMPTY you are 😠

  • MBFanatic

I am more curious about how they will do with the screen.

I have ROG2 Ultimate Edition, and as far as I feel, the biggest let down is the screen.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021Remote Play is not emulation but streaming The on Gran T... morewhat emulators do you play??

Android phones are pretty powerful now,

People keep saying Android cannot Emulate PS2 and Xbox 360

The point that Wii which is powerful than XBOX360 and can be emulated using Dolphin emulator and sometimes even in 4K disproves them.

As for PS3 emulator that's very difficult.

Currently RPCS3 deploys some kind of MIPS➡️X86 emulator, so if we converted to arm that would need another X86 ➡️ARM64 layer.

  • Anonymous

Johnrb, 02 Mar 2021This phone will handle a game of Candy Crush, no problems.Lol even with high amount of ram, this game doesn't do graphics right

  • Anonymous

and the storage is still not expandable

  • Anonymous

wbpwns, 02 Mar 20218gb is more than enough even if you play high graphics game... more240hz is already a thing in phones (Sharp Aquos Zero 2)

  • baba

the best phone ever! no notch no hole punch :)

8gb is more than enough even if you play high graphics games.

They're running out of gimmicks lol. Then next gimmick will be 240hz displays for 60fps games lol. Or new gen shoulder buttons. Or super mega ultra max plus pro cooling. Or whatever else they can think of.

I'm not even just referring to this phone and company

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2021IOS can't even do true multi tasking. Android has fea... moreWhat is true multitasking now?? How multitasking on android& iOS is different?

  • Anonymous

18gigs of ram?? Seriously..!!!!
Why not develop pc like platform for mobiles? upgradable ram, CPU, Storage. Users will upgrade as and when required.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-985481, 01 Mar 2021So lazy devs can give even less crap about optimizations. I... moreYou mean the lazy developers at Apple who are giving 10 year old Android features in year 2021?

  • beep bop boop

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