Hot take: Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 lineup

07 March 2021
A great set of phones once the user manages to differentiate them.

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They've released far too many of these things. Come up with a different name than Note 10 for once.

The Android Freak, 08 Mar 2021One Plus Nord is shitty phone except for Oxygen OS. agreed , nord is cr@p.

The Android Freak, 08 Mar 2021Yes. 5G will take two years from now onwards. Vodafone-Idea... morejio is slow ?? ok where are you from ?
I'm from south , here we don't even care about vi 😂

hmm, 08 Mar 2021Why would you suggest something like A32 or any Samsung mid... moreI agree Samsung sucks at these pric ranges I just gave a example of a phone coming with 5G the K40 vanilla or the Pro is WAYYYYYYY BETTER by a long shot realme also gives good phones for the price range of around 20K rupees with the upcoming Realme 8 Pro it will have a 108MP camera 120hz (most probably amoled to fight Xiaomi Redmi) 5G enabled a good chipset (most probably Dimensity 1000, Snapdragon 750G) but at a price of not more than 25k

During now tho the go to phone will be K40/F3

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Gull, 09 Mar 2021Good phone with best AMOLED screen and Excellent camera dep... moreI think if you want great camera and 5g then k40 series will be for you

  • Gull

Good phone with best AMOLED screen and Excellent camera dept. Rest for 5G lovers MI 10T lite is also a good option. I think in this budget segment, its the best combination till now.

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The Android Freak, 08 Mar 2021Note 5 Pro and Note 7 Pro and Note 8 Pro were landmarks in ... moreEven tough i would like to have my next phone with AMOLED screen i would go with the note 10 Pro. But as my note 5 pro still working no problems and with the pandemic i really dont need to waste money on a new phone when my old one dont have issues.

but i want to get somethin in the sise of Iphone 12 mini or a bit bigger but not over 140mm tall. Something 135mm x 75mm x 8-10mm be perfect size for me if it would have something decent main camera and decent hardware like Helio G85 to SD 732 with something 4000mah battery and 4gb ram 64GB storage and screen size as 5.5inch 1080p either LCD or Amoled and i dont much care if they be 60hz only. So it would cost around 200 euro and it be perfect phone for me.

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The Android Freak, 08 Mar 2021They have tons of cheap chipsets available. Snapdragon 690 ... moreRedmi note 10 5G is already with Dimensity 700 that probably is as powerful as SD690 or very slightly less powerful but at least it should be cheaper then the 690

  • 5G-on-Budget-Device

Guys, this is clearly a budget device, as all the Redmi phones in the past have been. There is the Mi 10T Lite 5G available that is positioned literally just above the Redmi Note 10 Pro (Max).
If you need 5G, go for the Mi 10 series. The majority phone users in 2021 do not need 5G, as 4G offers plenty of speed for lower price. Be reasonable. What do you need 5G for? Downloading cat videos with 500MBit/s? Calling your smart-home-refridgerator to set its temperature by voice, or send a short message to your smart-home-light-bulbs to tell them to go on or off? Distracting autonomous vehicles by disturbing their 5G frequency? It seems to me, with all the hype around the 5G network standard, people have forgotten the reason for high data rates that come with 5G. One hint: 5G has not been introduced for you to download your Fortnite game quicker. The role for 5G in the private, consumer-sector, is very limited, especially in 2021.
Therefore, the Redmi Note 10 series is just where it is supposed to be. I guess we will see 5G capabilities in budget devices, either in a refresh of the Redmi Note 10 Pro in half a year or so, or more likely with the Redmi Note 11 series next year.

  • Make it compact size

Please Xiaomi, release something with the hardware of the Redmi Note 10 (lowest-end in the lineup) but in a compact size of a Pixel 4a for 200€. I believe, this would be a device that a lot of people care about!

Name of the game is making profits - right now, with very chaotic supply chain situations, making money is not so easy. The Note 10 SOC specs are not that much different from the Note 9 series in order to control costs. They were probably forced to introduce Super AMOLED screens to stay a step ahead of budget competitors. 5G is not yet mainstream, so the Note 10 5G is like a placeholder in the market. You can bet that when Note 11 is launched there will be more 5G models should 5G networks become more pervasive and the cost of 5G SOCs come down.

hmm, 08 Mar 2021It will be probably note 11 then and thats like half a year... moreThey have tons of cheap chipsets available. Snapdragon 690 for Redmi Note 10 5G. Snapdragon 750G for Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G. Snapdragon 775G for Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 5G.

hmm, 08 Mar 2021It will be probably note 11 then and thats like half a year... moreNote 6 Pro was having ugly notch at the top just like Poco F1.

hmm, 08 Mar 2021It will be probably note 11 then and thats like half a year... moreNote 5 Pro and Note 7 Pro and Note 8 Pro were landmarks in Redmi Note history. Even though rebranded Poco M2 Pro is great phone, this year they have failed miserably. Except Redmi Note 10 Pro nothing is worth it. Better to pick up Poco M2 Pro over Redmi Note 10.and pick Mi10i/Redmi K40 over Redmi Note 10 Pro Max.

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SandSanta, 08 Mar 2021Without a doubt they will release a 5G Pro version later on... moreIt will be probably note 11 then and thats like half a year later. Like with each model they go over 1 number jump. Note 5 Pro come out then it was good upgrade. Then half a year later come out note 6 Pro that wasn't exactly upgrade as it only got tear drop selfie cam. Then note 7 Pro was with upgrade on cpu and then note 8 Pro with slight update too

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Hemedans, 08 Mar 20215g has never been about coverage, you guys just want to bas... moreWhy not just explain it when you see people trashing 5G. I didnt trash 5G i just asked the point of it what you cant explain and still talk about some ping and living under the antennae.

Lots of people dont even have good stable 4G connection so what hope they have for 5G in next 2-3 years ? Dont you think that it's a bit weird to think everyone live under the antennae ? And never mind that if you have best connection and are close to antennae of 4G you pretty much have maxed the modem on your phone with the speed to have lower ping but even that dont much matter cause it all depends on the server where you connect to and it's conditions and lots of other things to consider when it comes to ping

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Anonymous, 08 Mar 2021Although people keep mentioning it, I've only really h... moreHow common is it I don't know, but I can tell you that burn in does exist but it currently most happens on tvs cause they are much brighter than a phone, so lowering the brightness by a bit is a good precaution you can take.

  • SandSanta

Without a doubt they will release a 5G Pro version later on. And probably other versions as well.
Hopefully with SD chipset.

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Naveen Chaudhary, 08 Mar 2021I bought Mi10 solely for stereo speakers. Earlier I was usi... moreDowngrade

  • Aha

Anders, 08 Mar 2021Xiaomis own Mi 10T Lite. I don't want some some cheap ... moreYes, same cheap amoled that last year's Samsung flagship devices used. You literally have no idea about what you are talking.