LG announces Android 11 update rollout schedule

11 March 2021
A couple of its devices have already received the new OS version in some markets, but this is a full list.

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Same, so I'm moving to a Sony Xperia 1 III for my next phone. The 5 is a great option too to consider.

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    • Allie
    • IrF
    • 18 May 2021

    Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Fully agree there, software support is their biggest issue.Totally agree as well...

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      • Allie
      • IrF
      • 18 May 2021

      I'm supremely disappointed about LG pulling out of the Mobil sector! Their line of phone models are far superior than any competition on the market.... However, I AM SUPER P!$$#D that my LG-V305 thinq isn't listed as receiving the Android 11 update!!
      NOT COOL LG-- I have been loyal consumer of LG phones for like 10 years & I absolutely despise Samsung, so I don't know what I'm going to get next. I'm not sure I trust the Google Pixel line just yet either.

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        • Mahesh Sahani
        • XS@
        • 10 Apr 2021

        Lg g8x when come android 11 update? Vietnam model

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          • Costin79
          • SvB
          • 06 Apr 2021

          Lg V50 when update Android 11 ? Roumania East Europe

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            • Nik
            • 0tQ
            • 01 Apr 2021

            Android 11 has appeared for the LG g7 one Canada version

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              • bp190
              • 4qR
              • 30 Mar 2021

              Simply, if you're that obsessed with the latest updates, don't buy LG. As for LG getting out of the phone business, go to any prepaid site like Straight Talk, Tracfone, Simple, etc.- I see a lot of low end LG phones.
              This is where LG makes their money- high volume, low end, disposable phones, which, for people buying these devices, is the selling point, low price.

                LG V40 user, 15 Mar 2021LG has listed 7 phones for Android 11 upgrade. And 3 out of... moreWhy doesn't LGE realize the slow updates are all the need to address to stop bleeding customers. In this modern age, 100% stability isn't required or expected. Instant updates and fast patches are what's expected. SMH. I really like LG hardware, as a former phone repair tech LG hardware is just more resilient than competitors.

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                  • LG V40 user
                  • KAY
                  • 15 Mar 2021

                  LG has listed 7 phones for Android 11 upgrade. And 3 out of 7 are in Q4. Such a poor software support. This shows how much they value their customers. No wonder why ppl are buying other brands. LG only provides good hardware that too with lot of limitations ... Such a shame being a LG customer. This will be my last LG phone even if they continue to be in mobile business.

                    Does “until April” mean until the start of April or until the end of April? The update was in South Korea already in January, so what are they doing 2 or even 3 months?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • nYE
                      • 12 Mar 2021

                      Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Maybe cause G8 isn't?G8 is getting 11, but this list is based on EU and EU never officialy got the V50 and G8 (we got G8S instead)

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                        • Anonymous
                        • nYE
                        • 12 Mar 2021

                        AnonD-989007, 11 Mar 2021Yeah, but why buy a 450eur phone (LG Velvet price in my cou... more2 android updates

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                          • XLR8R
                          • tTH
                          • 12 Mar 2021

                          Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Maybe cause G8 isn't?They didn't launch vanilla G8 in Germany. But it will be updated at the same time as G8s.

                            Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021LG should have given stock android so that they can update ... moreIndeed, a Android One LG flagship would be fantastic.
                            But given how slow Motorola and Nokia are updating their One phones I'm not sure it would help...

                              Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021V50 never got a official EU launch, stores selling it impor... moreWas definitely released as a contract phone on EE in the UK.
                              I had one.

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                                • Atb
                                • 2Wx
                                • 12 Mar 2021

                                KondriX, 11 Mar 2021You buy a phone for the updates? Or for the functionality y... moreThe lg g8x dose not have face unlock, a very important feature missing. Hope android 11 update will add that feature

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                                  • Chad Knight
                                  • 0au
                                  • 12 Mar 2021

                                  I just wish my V40 still had Android Oreo or Pie. I hate Android 10. I had no knowledge of how or where to turn off updates or if it was a possibility.

                                    It is important to have updates
                                    I cant hear my wife telling me she got Android 11 on Mi10 and my V60 does not... :p

                                      Fingers crossed LG won't quit smartphone business. I still like my V60 ThinQ.

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                                        • S13
                                        • D0j
                                        • 11 Mar 2021

                                        updates are good but 99.9% wont even notice or care.

                                        the .1% that whine about it are also the .00001% that whine about the LG phone's UI.

                                        do you even know how to use your phone if you're in teh UI that much?? you shouldbe in apps and that is pretty much the same across the board. sure some toggles might have weird colors or some menus might be a little confusing but how often are you in teh menus?

                                        that argument is so dumb. teh UI is bad....if you're in the UI that often...you are the problem lol.

                                        it's good ot have updates but are they really that groundbreaking? you will say security but honestly....that is sometihng that will exist 10 gens from now too.