LG announces Android 11 update rollout schedule

11 March 2021
A couple of its devices have already received the new OS version in some markets, but this is a full list.

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  • Nono

How about lg v50 thinq 5g?

  • KwantowyYebaka

Android 11 hahahaha

  • Anonymous

KondriX, 11 Mar 2021Oh common, besides users on techie sites like this, 90% of ... moreSome people would be made if the UI that they were used to suddenly changes one day. Now if only security updates are NOT LOCKED BEHIND newer Android software. I only wanted security updates, not the watering down of Android with each new iteration.

  • RaidRabadi-Jordan

Upon on my experience from Android Phones and new Android OS platforms rollout speed all companies late to delivery it to all users specially LG last one but now some companies changed their Policies in OS rollup to better than before ( playing it in her Marketing Policy ) and i hate this thing in Android phones updates so i moved to iPhone's and i a happy with this thing .

  • An0n

They plan to close their mobile division, what else do you expect?

AntSab, 11 Mar 2021These horrible update schedule is what cause people to stop... moreTo be fair, people have stopped to buy LG because :
1/ The model weren't available in most part,
2/ The price were that much high when available that other brand with long term support were wayyyyyy more attrative in the end,
3/ LG didn't puclish much info about update, when they "offered" one ...

Soooo, considering all that, it's kinda an upgrade I think. At least in the right direction.

LG is slow, like really slow with updates. There used to be a time when LG phones were the first to launch with the latest version of Android.
They have like 6-7 models to truly support. And still so far away with the updates.

  • AnonD-989007

Lol, not trying to be bad towards LG (they are still a great company, not in mobile thou), but by the time they will put Android 11 on their models, I will have Android 12 on my Pixel 4a phone already.
Yeah I know, some people are not interested in software updates. But then again, in this case, why buy an LG Velvet phone (it cost around 450eur where I live)? You can do same things, even more sometimes, with a 150-200eur phone from Xiaomi or Realme, that will probably receive just 1 software update down the line. Same like the LG Velvet. I mean, if you are not interested in software updates and so on, at least get the cheapest model you can (company name doesn't matter that much in this case).

I have G8x.
I don't care much about updates. In fact, I like it if things remain as they are.
I kept the Redmi 2 Prime, a 2014 phone until 2021, which was on Android K till now.

So, as such I don't have a complaint against LG... of course, some bugs are there in interface, but none too serious...

  • Anonymous

Atleast g8x is on the list

...and the World laughs at them.
I traded in my LGV50 because it didn't look like I was getting 11 before 2022, moved over to an Xperia 1 ii which already had an 11 update and haven't looked back.
It's a shame, but if LG can't be bothered with their phones and are losing billions while they do it they should just quit.

  • Anonymous

Don't be like some company, announcement is fast but official release is late

AntSab, 11 Mar 2021These horrible update schedule is what cause people to stop... moreOh common, besides users on techie sites like this, 90% of them don't care about the updates. It's the price and marketing what causes LG to lose share, although their phones are one of the best.

  • AntSab

These horrible update schedule is what cause people to stop buying LG phones.