LG announces Android 11 update rollout schedule

11 March 2021
A couple of its devices have already received the new OS version in some markets, but this is a full list.

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AnonD-989007, 11 Mar 2021Yeah, but why buy a 450eur phone (LG Velvet price in my cou... moreYou buy a phone for the updates? Or for the functionality you can use right now? Will your phone stop working if you won't receive updates? Especially now that the updates are very small and insignificant. Of course, it is better to have an updated phone, but they are overwhelmed. Anyway, last LG I had till recently was V20, and I bought it for the QuadDac, camera, IR, removable battery and MIL-STD resistance. An overall very good package, like all V series from LG. Sadly looks like they are going to disappear soon.

  • Anonymous

The regular G8 ThinQ isn't listed, perhaps because it was never released in Germany. If the G8x is getting 11 by the end of Q2, then I expect the G8 to get it around the same time (if not slightly before, since it was considered the flagship).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Why isn't the G7 getting the updateBecause the G7 already received two major updates, 9 and 10. Seriously, the phone was released June 2018, it won't be getting any more updates.

  • Anonymous

LG should have given stock android so that they can update it easily.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Why isn't the G7 getting the updateMaybe cause G8 isn't?

  • Anonymous

Why isn't the G7 getting the update

  • AnonD-989007

Rob, 11 Mar 2021Lg Velvet will get 2 updates. I seriously doubt that. And even if it will get 2 updates, it will receive Android 12 when other phones will be on Android 14. And sadly, this is not even a joke. So, why bother to make the update anyway?

  • AnonD-989007

KondriX, 11 Mar 2021Oh common, besides users on techie sites like this, 90% of ... moreYeah, but why buy a 450eur phone (LG Velvet price in my country) if you are not interested in updates and you know you will receive just 1 Android update down the line? Just for the ip rating and LG logo? Lol. Even a 150-200eur phone will receive 1 Android update.
I will rather pay 450eur for a Pixel 4a (software updates for 3 years done on time), or go flagship killer with a Mi 10T Pro.

  • kek

Even HTC had better timeframes than this lol.

Still, I seriously dont know why LG could never get their software update together.

  • geney

LG software update is a joke all these while even though they did promised to have more rapid update.
And where's V50?

  • Anonymous

Every update comes with few battery hours. Take your time Lg

  • Rob

AnonD-989007, 11 Mar 2021Lol, not trying to be bad towards LG (they are still a grea... moreLg Velvet will get 2 updates.

  • Amit673

Atleast they have announced the roadmap for updat

  • Anonymous

Tonberry, 11 Mar 2021They make some good phones, so they shouldn't quit, th... moreFully agree there, software support is their biggest issue.

  • Anonymous

YUKI93, 11 Mar 2021I thought this is for Global rollout, turned out to be a Eu... moreV50 never got a official EU launch, stores selling it imported one.

  • Anonymous

I am not surprised to see my G8S get 11 in Q3 2021, it got 10 in Q3 2020.

This list is even more sad when you see LG Wing the update in Q4 while the cheaper Velvet gets it much earlier.

I like LG phones and I really like my G8S a lot on all fronts but updates, this will be sadly my last LG though, I don't mind if LG updated the phones at worst in Q1, preferably february and not later, but Q3 is just plain sad.

Sorry LG, I really like your phones a lot but I am kinda done (next phone will be Sony or Asus, don't want Apple or Samsung and especially not any Xiaomi)

I thought this is for Global rollout, turned out to be a European region rollout. Still, I wonder why the V50 is not on this list.

SA Woodlawn, 11 Mar 2021Android 12 is about to be released, and by the time LG finn... moreThey make some good phones, so they shouldn't quit, they should just start taking software updates more seriously

Android 12 is about to be released, and by the time LG finnishes rolling out Android 11, Android 13 may be nearing Developers' Preview. LG should quit smartphone business altogether.

I am actually happy that my phone doesn't get updates because it won't slow down with updates