Huawei P50 first renders reveal two huge cameras

12 March 2021
The vanilla phone will look like the P50 Pro from the back, the front panel will be flat.

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If Huawei is able to make a 2 in 1 camera and induction stove, I'd be amazed by it

  • Razvy

yalim, 16 Mar 2021camera will be good but, this is a smartphone and harmonyOS... moreSamsung and apple are pure crap compared with Huawei(Hardware) It is a smartphone as you have and can use all the apps you use on a different phone.
Lack og GMS is actually best thing ever and it will actually make the phone act better, with almost no lag, leaving more free RAM and more hours on battery life.

camera will be good but, this is a smartphone and harmonyOS has no proper app, it is a half smartphone, so huawei must cut the prices. it makes no sense to buy such an expensive device when apple and samsung falgships are available everywhere with no compromises.

  • Anonymous

I don't think that there will be only two cameras. It looks a bit like the Huawei Nova 8. Two cameras are possible, but I don't believe that as the lenses are not shown. It could be a very high resolution ultra wide angle camera and a periscope tele zoom (not prime lens) camera. But this should lead to worse low light image quality at 27mm, even if they use a 16mm equivalent camera with 120mm² sensor and f/1.8 lens. But of course the new 1.0x setting could be simply 23mm or 24mm.

  • Hass

I'm no cams sensors expert but damn that kinda looks ugly. At least i hope those huge two cams would give great results because they're taking more than 1/3 of the space back there

  • Aye

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021Oof... iPhone X vibes on the back. with SUPERSCALED UP cameras.Not eeeveeennn lmaooo

  • Aye

gogus, 14 Mar 2021"it wont have jack port" can we get over this dum... moreWhy is it that it's only you that's that 'nobody' ?


"it wont have jack port" can we get over this dumb drama already? it's been over 5 years nobody cares anymore

  • Anon

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021People don't want device full of compromises. Why sho... moreSome people don't want phone full of Google spyware. And for 'reliable Google search', meh.

If the vanilla P50's camera design already look that huge, just imagine how the camera design for the P50 Pro and P50 Pro+ would be like.

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2021Exactly! Not for you and some others. Will be some millions... morePeople only buy flagship Huawei phones because of the camera, the end! Not everyone can live without Google Mobile Services.

  • ciquta

shame it doesn't come with gapps

Just ditch the notch will ya huawei pls. Bring back the symmetrical design just like mate 10 pro. And while you're at it, give us dual symmetrical speakers as well.

It's not two huge cameras
Inside those circles will be two or 4 cameras
So there might be 8 cameras total or 4

This tiny flash for a huge camera ensemble...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Mar 2021Posting nearly identical articles to keep hauwei relevant. ... moreThe other article was on the Pro version. This article is on the non-Pro version. They're not the same articles.

  • Anonymous

Posting nearly identical articles to keep hauwei relevant.
Good job GSMArena

SelmanWIen, 12 Mar 2021Again no Stereo Speker??The pro version got it

ThunderCrackR, 12 Mar 2021Well, until now I thought that some phones camera's de... morePretty sure the Huawei mate 20 kind of introduced the stove before apple.

  • Anonymous

dank, that's some ugly ass camera design