Huawei P50 first renders reveal two huge cameras

Yordan, 12 March 2021

Just one day after the first renders of the Huawei P50 Pro, @OnLeaks has shared images of the upcoming vanilla Huawei P50 as well. The phone will have two huge camera lenses on the back, while the front will be a flat panel with a tiny punch hole in the center.

Huawei P50 first renders reveal two huge cameras

The screen will be 6.3” in diagonal, but unlike the P50 Pro, it won’t have curved edges on the side. The whole device will be a lot bigger than the Huawei P40 - it will be 8mm taller and 3mm wider, while the camera bump will make the total thickness 10.6 mm (8.3 mm in the base).

Huawei P50 first renders reveal two huge cameras

The Huawei P50 is pictured without an IR port on the top - a feature that was spotted in the P50 Pro. It will also lack a 3.5mm audio jack - the bottom has room only for a USB-C port and a speaker grille. Both the top and bottom will be slightly curved, so the Huawei P50 won’t be able to stay up on its own.

Huawei P50 first renders reveal two huge cameras

Rumors are suggesting Huawei will implement a massive 1” camera sensor (allegedly called Sony IMX800). The P50 series is also expected to arrive with HarmonyOS out of the box, but we have to wait for the “last weekend of March” to know for sure if any of these specs are true.



Reader comments

If Huawei is able to make a 2 in 1 camera and induction stove, I'd be amazed by it

  • Razvy
  • 18 Mar 2021
  • sX4

Samsung and apple are pure crap compared with Huawei(Hardware) It is a smartphone as you have and can use all the apps you use on a different phone. Lack og GMS is actually best thing ever and it will actually make the phone act better, with almost...

camera will be good but, this is a smartphone and harmonyOS has no proper app, it is a half smartphone, so huawei must cut the prices. it makes no sense to buy such an expensive device when apple and samsung falgships are available everywh...

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