HTC Wildfire E3 is official with four cameras and a 4,000 mAh battery

15 March 2021
The entry-level phone has appeared in Russia.

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  • Rojjar Austin
  • CGH
  • 06 May 2021

I wish if I had one

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    • Anonymous
    • uI2
    • 12 Apr 2021

    Anonymous, 18 Mar 2021What is the price Please.....Come back htc please please please....we are Waiting for you....please come back... And shine
    We are always love you....please come back.
    Please launch e world best phone...

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      • Anonymous
      • xtS
      • 18 Mar 2021

      What is the price

        Timalay, 16 Mar 2021I think the biggest problem is. People are getting annoyed... moreIndeed, the came into disgrace of people as they lost track of what they were 10 years ago. Sad but they try to hang on.

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          • Anonymous
          • qb1
          • 17 Mar 2021

          Not gonna lie, seeing that HTC logo on that phone still makes me excited, and then sad it's such an ultimate potato phone. I never had an HTC phone, but at this point I'd seriously consider a new flagship HTC One.

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            • Anonymous
            • 61U
            • 17 Mar 2021

            HTC only need to make 'flagship killer' by making device with SD855 & SD865 SoC, FHD+ LCD with 90Hz+ HRR, 4-8GB RAM & 64-256GB variant, 4G & 5G variant, put stereo speakers from the 10, put good DAC, 3.5mm audio jack, decent dual/triple camera, microSD slot, NFC, goof cooling solution (they could copy Poco F1's) and lastly, 4000-6000 mAh battery with 30+ w charging brick included.

            I know that once, they make 'luxurious' Android device (read: overpriced), but since they are in the brink of bankruptcy, if they could sell this with 400-600 USD price tag , I think people would buy this in a heartbeat, since there are only LG V50 & V60 which has these feature in a phone, and only limited number of people could truly respect LG's effort to stay true in bringing 'superphones' to us (read: smartphone with the most complete features on market)

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              • moumo
              • Kxf
              • 17 Mar 2021

              Therefore, it is a product of Fortune Ship International Industrial, not a product of the HTC Corporation.

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                • Anonymous
                • kNX
                • 17 Mar 2021

                Arte8800 , 16 Mar 2021Htcm7 was cheap, had sandwiches glued on phone, rather than... moreIt's hard to believe HTC used to be the king of the smartphone world at one time even up to the u11 which in by my mind is one of the best smartphones ever made and that was after they had done fell but they were still putting out the superlatives on their equipment the u11 camera matches up with any camera that's out right now if you're just taking regular photos for photos it's that good in the front video camera on it is better than most front video recorders on the flagships now the u11 is legendary. Even when the u11 came out and HTC was already in the process of going bankrupt it got the highest score at that point ever on dxo Mark for the camera because it was absolutely phenomenal that camera was people forget HTC made the pixel camera that's why it's so good the HTC boost HDR boost on HTC is HDR enhanced on the pixels same thing I know in the past HTC wanted to stick with that ultra pixel thing they were doing they had the right idea they just hadn't mastered it yet but they mastered it by the time the HTC 10 and the HTC 11 came out and the 12th by the way but it was too late then

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                  • Joeboy
                  • Nue
                  • 16 Mar 2021

                  atichko, 16 Mar 2021I love to read all the negative comments. It's rather ... moreLol

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                    • joeboy
                    • Nue
                    • 16 Mar 2021

                    Keep on trying 😛😛😛

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                      • Arte8800
                      • mHu
                      • 16 Mar 2021

                      Kingslayer, 16 Mar 2021Nexus One: Problem with the power button. Used an outdated ... moreHtcm7 was cheap, had sandwiches glued on phone, rather than pressure air tight like.

                        HTC and Asus failed on me over and over. Maybe I just have bad luck with their products or Taiwanese altogether?

                        I wanted to keep the Nexus One. That model was my first Android phone. But my third Nexus One's power button stopped working out of the blue and I only had it for like 5 weeks! Then my HTC One (M8) which was in fantastic condition had a broken charging port. The seller never told me.

                        I shook my head in disgust. Glad I sold them both and only got them for $26 and $35, respectively. Made a profit out of it. HTC just sucks, man. Beautiful design. I get that. But beautiful design doesn't mean a thing if it does not function properly. There is always something going wrong with HTC phones as time goes by.

                        Try replacing a battery for an HTC One (M8). I only got it for $35 from OfferUp but UBreakiFix quoted me $129.99! It's a 7-year-old device and those OEM batteries are probably depleted to 80% already. This is why stick to Apple or Samsung and I don't even like them. Stick to the most common denominator. If you have a problem with it, much easier to resolve a store or repair shop.

                        Long live my LG G5! Easy to repair and REMOVABLE BATTERY! My image retention for it is gone. Overheating only comes up if I downloaded or updated an app. Easy fix. Just turn it off and turn it back on. And my GPS is kinda flakey but still serviceable. Best all-around phone I've ever had!

                          Nexus One: Problem with the power button. Used an outdated touchscreen no more than two fingers.

                          HTC One: Purple/pink photos. Overheated like crazy. Charged so slow. Battery degraded in only 18 months.

                          HTC One (M8): Would've kept it but the charging port was broken. The BoomSound still gave out static.

                          Google Pixel / Pixel 2: Known for their call and motherboard failures.

                          Go love their pretty, metal designs. I won't. Good riddance to them.

                          HTC = Hate Their Crap

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                            • Ari
                            • j@Y
                            • 16 Mar 2021

                            The biggest problem here is that it looks just like the Moto E. People can say what they want about us critiquing the company,but when you don't ever release phones anymore you need to stand out from the established manufacturers that do. If a million phones look just like this,why would you buy the one that feels like a gamble. Is there gonna be a sequel? Will there even be another HTC phone? Will it get updates? Or you could just easily buy a different phone.

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                              • ex-htc
                              • gJc
                              • 16 Mar 2021

                              In 2012, HTC's CEO said the company won't be making budget phones to preserve its image as a high-quality brand, and now, it is below low end category.

                                atichko, 16 Mar 2021I love to read all the negative comments. It's rather ... moreI think the biggest problem is. People are getting annoyed with HTC. Because they were a great mobile phone brand, and now it seems like they're not even bothering any more.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • wva
                                  • 16 Mar 2021

                                  No chance to compete with Chinese phones....

                                    I love to read all the negative comments. It's rather funny to see how spoiled people have become by expecting mind blowing performance for less than nothing. This is just a basic phone with a very basic chipset and if the UI is adapted to run smoothly on this hardware it is a perfectly acceptable smartphone for people who cannot or just don't want to spend loads of money for gadgets that most of the time are unused and only serve to brag about it. I see no difference with the other entry level smartphones such as Realme C series, the Redmi A and C series and others. If it's not a thing for you, just move on and keep your spoiled bratt comments for yourselves.

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                                      • Bob the Giant
                                      • nmN
                                      • 16 Mar 2021

                                      I have more or less used only HTC since 2007 but now after having "sudden" battery fails on two of their Flagship models (U11 & U12+), I need to move on. One was 16 months old, the other 14 months and HTC answered only "Well, we have a 12 month warranty"

                                      Goodbye HTC.

                                        Well.. this would have been a decent phone ... 2 years ago ... maybe ...