Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra brings massive camera sensors and two screens, Mi 11i also announced

29 March 2021
The phone features 67W wireless fast charging developed in house, which can fully fill the battery in 36 minutes.

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notafanboy, 30 Mar 20214K on a phone is a gimmick So is QHD FHD is fine.QHD is still fine with OLED since OLED's has less sharpness than LCD on same resolution with IPS. Also higher resolution in OLEDs makes burned pixels less noticiable. 4k is still a gimmick though.

The only bad thing is still the punch hole for the mainstream, so ugly, fix it, redign and immitate rog phones, and i will 100% switch

  • Wolf

There is no memory card slot plus no headphone jack. Just put me off and for that reason im not buying this product.

This is why people are excited for a new Android flagship as every phone has something unique to offer. IOS based devices have lost the excitement they used to once generate.

Mi 11 Ultra might very well end up being the Best Flagship of the year.

I saw it coming way back. If Xiaomi can topple the big bad Samsung from its throne in a market like India where there are a billion plus people, that day won't be long when it starts to do the same elsewhere.

What a device lineup they had last year!!!
This year with the MI 11 Ultra, they are stamping their presence in the flagship segment.

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021So you like your flagships with FHD or are you going to try... more4K on a phone is a gimmick
So is QHD
FHD is fine.

I like it. Well done xiaomi. Question now is battery life. With a static refresh rate coupled with QHD, it will be interesting to see how long it'll last on a full charge. Although somewhat mitigated by that insane charging speed, there are instances still when longevity trumps speed.

  • aquinoe

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021That right there is unhealthy low light obsession and not s... moreYou can open an image editor to reduce the vivo exposure and get a much cleaner and more detailed version of the curtains.
You can also, to start with, not integrate so much light, by moving your finger down in the vivo camera app, indicating that you prefer a lower exposure, prior to shooting the photo in question.
If you prefer, you can install a Google camera port, and then the night scenes will look more realistic.

What you can't do is get a cleaner image by using smaller pixels.
Or fix the Huawei tones (this is the appropriate link: https://cdn.dxomark.com/wp-content/uploads/medias/post-73433/ArtOnTablet_HuaweiMate40Pro_DxOMark_05-00-1.jpg).

I'm a fan of Samsung treatment, buuut I don't understand why they are not using their own GN1, GN2 sensors that achieve a greatest SNR, instead HMX sensors to achieve a greater resolution.

SNR is not only relevant in night scenes: it is always preferable. If you are trying to prevent motion blur on a photo of a kid, your only option is to decrease shutter times (or tie the kid).

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2021So you like your flagships with FHD or are you going to try... moreI am going to tell you that those resolutions are absolutely useless on a such small screen. They only decrease battery life and give you worse performance if you want to play

  • Ivo

5x optical zoom - what a fail! S21 Ultra wins, again!

AnonD-986036, 29 Mar 2021I really like Xiaomi don't get me wrong. But this phon... moreWell it beats to pulp s21 ultra by hardware so he has rights to brag

  • Anonymous

aquinoe, 29 Mar 2021Let's await for DxOMark images, but remember to look s... moreThat right there is unhealthy low light obsession and not some relevant test. If you are taking pictures of people in dim rooms you are very niche customer. That Vivo adds fill light to the setting that's obviously not there so it's not entirely reprehensive of the scene you are shooting. That is a result of unhealthy obsession to kill all the crushed blacks and overblown highlights in a single frame

zsk, 29 Mar 2021TWS earphones still can't stream HiRes, have latency a... moreGet over it and move on. Buy a Sony and be done with it then.

This is what s21 ultra supposed to be, absolitely best of the best right now, though prices are really hard to swollow and 1200 euro is definitely not worth it. But once it hits 700 mark or so it will be ultimate beast of android choice this year if it will hit 700 euros or so

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 29 Mar 2021Xperia Pro is not for the average consumer and the Xperia 1... moreSo you like your flagships with FHD or are you going to try to tell us now how QHD is better than 4K?

  • Anonymous

notafanboy, 29 Mar 2021Xperia Pro is not for the average consumer and the Xperia 1... moreGarbo selfie camera so true , but enormous rear camera capabilties (first 4K120fps ..also with manual control and the only smartphone with focus shifting that is with pro cams . with 256Gb as a base storage the only manufacture to care about battery longevity and provide good software to assist that. 4K90fps interpolation (no manufacture do it ) if it's not for you doesn't mean no way cares

VectorR, 29 Mar 2021Maybe because TWS headphones aren't that bad and not e... moreTWS earphones still can't stream HiRes, have latency and offer lower quality audio than wired alternatives (due to a mix of power constraints, lower quality drivers and lack of powerful Bluetooth codec). So a headphone jack would go a long way, the one company that would benefit from not offering a headphone jack (#Sony), still offers a headphone jack in their smartphones. I mean they literally have loads of Bluetooth offerings and a separate Walkman line for wired audio, yet still, have the decency to give everyone the much-needed headphone jack- for AUX and Wired audio playback. Not just that, they go the extra mile to offer upscaling via DSEE on wired headphones.

  • aquinoe

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021You are totally wrong. 1. I said focal length, so I am t... more"No, the total sensor size is constant, but the used sensor area depends on the field of view."
I start to understand you. But I was not talking about digital zooming (and in mobiles, currently, there are not lenses performing optical zoom).

As I understand it, the sensor area is fixed, and cropping is avoided by design in prime lenses. You don't crop it (unless you are doing digital zoom, but that is sort of fake). For a given sensor size, you select a lens whose focal length makes the desired field of view. So if you are looking for a certain "zoom" you select a lens with a focal length that makes that all of your sensor falls below the useful zone of your lens, and they cover the desired field of view, that later you express on focal length equivalence in a full frame sensor (v.g. the 240mm, 10x the 24mm of the main camera, in any case covers approx 10.3 degrees in the diagonal).
It is much cheaper to buy the adequate lens than use only a part of your sensor. Indeed designers try than aberrated and vignetted regions fall out of the sensor (that is, for a given lens the sensor normally could be bigger at the expense of worse quality on the edges); not the opposite: a bad design that makes necessary to crop a significative area of your sensor, and then reescalate to provide the promised resolution? That is like if you put an APSC lens on a full sensor camera, possible but non-sense: what can have an explanation to be done is to use FF lenses on APSC cameras.
That's why I say that sensor size and pixel size are fixed (and maximized, for the fov they are designed for). I don't consider they are changing by zooming, because there is not optical zoom.

Moreover, the numbers 22mm and 30.6mm are what translate to 120mm and 240mm in 35mm equivalences from their respective sensor sizes. We really don't know how far the optical centers of the lenses from the respective imaging sensors are, but obviously they aren't 2 and 3 cm behind the lens, on phones that are 1 cm in thick.

"At 240mm the Xiaomi 11 Ultra only uses a crop of the sensor." Xiaomi 11 ultra is not capable to get 240mm optically. Digital zoom of course implies cropping. But sincerely as I see it, any of those is unable to change their field of view-focal length.

About quad bayer sensors, you are right, and at full resolution the quad bayer sensors behave worst. My fault. But then, any of them behaves so badly at full resolution, that averaging pixels is a common practice by default since ¿16 MPx sensors?

But my point was the quality of photosensors is independent of the mosaic used, so that saying that all bayers are better than quad-bayers is an overstatement. On the contrary, as quad-bayers is a more recent technology normally the light utilization is better in these.

Dometalican, 29 Mar 2021As if updates have never bricked a phone. Also, accidents h... moreThere's nothing to defend. It's not like they're going to bring it back just because of you whiners. Lul

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2021Why no headphone jackMaybe because TWS headphones aren't that bad and not expensive anymore.

notafanboy, 29 Mar 2021Poor argument. Just don't be reckless with your phone,... moreAs if updates have never bricked a phone. Also, accidents happen; even with cases dude. It's more of a poor argument defending the REMOVAL of features. Xiaomi hasn't had microSD in forever but I see you defending Samsung, etc for these kinds of things.