Huawei P50 leaks in high-quality images

05 April 2021
The phone is visualized in four colors and with four camera lenses.

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Whotf cares what the camera island looks like? Sure it doesn't look beautiful, but who cares as long as it takes incredible pictures?

  • No matter

Looks horrible.

The back camera is so ugly.
Oh my trypophobia~~~

This design will never grow on me!

  • Anonymous

Ugly af!

SMIRNAS, 05 Apr 2021agree untill Huawei Mobile Service mature and can compet... moreGoogle services is a relatively small problem for them. No access to many components such as chips is the big problem. They could sell way more than they can make in China but they simply don't have sufficient components to manufacture them.

I don't think it's camera will look like that.

  • Hocus-pocus

Great Huawei like no other. From donuts circle to shirt buttons camera island.

  • Enum

Looks ugly

some words to describe this design :
s7up1d & inappropriate

No sympathy to huawei again !

Luckily it will come as Hongmeng phone,
It'll just humiliate Android world if it still an android.

  • Anonymous

Who came up with this? Disgustang.

Ugliness defined.

I hope this is fake.

The front panel design looks great
Meanwhile the rear is that thing?
Premium NO, ugly YES

The top circle looks like a smiley face

As a huawei fans i will say this is ugly af lol

P C M, 05 Apr 20211 inch sensor can't be set with this camera arrangement. Its a fan made base on the camera shape design, nothing more.

The back camera design is getting more and more ridiculous.

1 inch sensor can't be set with this camera arrangement.

  • Anonymous

Makes me miss lg more haha

Ugliest camera set-up ever!