LG confirms up to three Android OS updates for premium smartphones

08 April 2021
This includes G and V series devices released after 2019 as well as the newer Velvet series and the LG Wing.

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  • Jai

Still android 10 only, LG G8X ThinQ. India
No update from past few months, can't expect updates from LG also...
Earlier used to be have G series, almost never received updates.

  • Anonymous

Prepare to wait, LG is sloooow.

  • Anonymous

If they put even tiny bit of effort into PR and done this before, they wouldn't have to close down the division. LG Velvet is actually pretty decent mid ranger yet I literally haven't heard ANYTHING about it until I've seen news about them closing down mobile division and I checked what they were even offering. If you ask me, they are to be blamed, not the industry/competition.