LG confirms up to three Android OS updates for premium smartphones

08 April 2021
This includes G and V series devices released after 2019 as well as the newer Velvet series and the LG Wing.

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  • utk

Jai, 08 Apr 2021Still android 10 only, LG G8X ThinQ. India No update from ... moreAgree with you. I hope they give priority to India as well after Flipkart BBD sale. European and US versions are on January 2021 Security Patch and we are still stuck on September 2020 security patch.

  • Qba

This means update to Android 9 in 2019, update to Android 10 in 2020 and update to Android 11 in 2021

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 08 Apr 2021Don't hold your breath. LG rarely delivers. Don't count on updates. My v20 received one OS update 2 years after they made a big deal about how committed they were to issuing frequent updates. And not one single security update. I've switched to Samsung who seem far more committed to updating their phones and keeping their customers satisfied.

Thank you, I didn’t expect reiciving Android 13 on my LG Velvet. But is it necessary to wait almost two months until global update release after Korean? I received Android 9 for Zenfone 5 already in January, but it didn’t get even stable Android 10.

Don't hold your breath. LG rarely delivers.

Although it could be also a long wait, I still look forward to it (I mean the 11, I don't think there'll be any LG phones beside the V60 and Velvet really getting Android 12)

(BTW the G8 series is only promised Android 12, not 13. Android 12 (if really possible) is already their 3rd major OS update)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021If they put even tiny bit of effort into PR and done this b... moreThey can't compete with cheapo chinese phones, some of which have IP violations/infringements. People see big RAM/storage/camera and now high refresh rate, they buy those instead. Never mind if some corners were cut like subpar screens or crippled storage expansions.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021ForeverBlame your carriers.

  • Anonymous

Sadly if they would have taken this approach a few years ago they would have a much better chance of still being in operation today.

I have always liked their phones but have went with Samsung due to the lack of updates from LG.

  • Anonymous

that would be good, my v50s will still have those goodies on v60 android 11...
though i already accepted if this one doesnt push through, there is nothing like v50s outside lg...
will keep it like i do keep my nokia 909

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Agreed. Not only touch sampling rate, their innovtion in al... moreWhat?

  • DenDan

Even tho LG mobile division isnt integrated with the same team of electonics division, i could say i have a lf652v smartTV from 2016 and still, still have updates and they launch them like half and half year.

If they have done the same with mobile division, i am sure LG have more love than they really deserve. Cause i have beem LG in everything (not móbiles, my last two was V10 and G6) but the build quality and the overall feeling was one of a kind.

Never feel the same touching a Samsung or a Huawei so.

Shame on LG cutting corners and removing IR blaster, at least One of the reasons i buy LG in the past, from G2, G Flex 2, G3 and V10, Shane they remove it on G6, and the reason that model was my last from them.

Hopefully we still have Xiaomi who put that little IR blaster on their phones...and now i am 100 percent Xiaomi (until they put that feature).

Amazing news for LG phone owners who care about updates.

Wow!! My G8X will get android 12

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021LG was a mobile brand which did true innovation, even they ... moreAgreed. Not only touch sampling rate, their innovtion in also limited to harman kardon or hasselblad🤣🤣🤣

This could explain why the 2018 G7 One recently got the third Android 11 OS update out of nowhere. And btw, the V50 and the G8 series was launched with Android 9.0 Pie out of the box with Android 10 OS update has been rolling to them. I'd be really surprised if LG rolls out Android 13 OS update to the V50 and the G8 series, that would make them on par with the iPhones.

They didn't even manage that outside of Korea before they closed the phone division, I wouldn't hold your breath.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Prepare to wait, LG is sloooow.Forever

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021LG was a mobile brand which did true innovation, even they ... moreAll it did was rush to bring out half finished producta first.Anyrhing I boufht by them including Nexis phones were bad quality.

  • Anonymous

LG was a mobile brand which did true innovation, even they had a very little market share. Huawei was also innovating but they are about to be dead. Other chinese brands know very well how to copy others technology. Their innovation is limited to ____ Hz touch sampling rate or ____ watt charging. Apple was never so innovative at all. One day Samsung was innovative but today they only know profit. They even do shameless price cutting in $1000 phones. Smartphone world will miss LG too much.