LG confirms up to three Android OS updates for premium smartphones

08 April 2021
This includes G and V series devices released after 2019 as well as the newer Velvet series and the LG Wing.

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  • Techno guy

LG is still selling these models on amazon and other shopping apps. By making such statements LG is hoping to sell its remaining stock.

  • Joe

Arod, 08 Apr 2021u didn't read THREE OS UPDATES that means three year... moreYou forgot the "up" part of up to 3 Android OS updates. Meaning, they can make one update and call it quits :D

Kingslayer, 08 Apr 2021That's two more updates than my unlocked LG G5 ever go... moreYou shold have Oreo on your LG G5, but only android 8.0 not 8.1 😳
Maybe I will swap to Lineageos 18.1 when it is more stable.

  • Anonymous

Bring back ROLLABLE PHONE LG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Arod

Olym1mk2, 08 Apr 2021Wow, 3 security updates. Gg LG.! Go home, you're drunk. u didn't read
that means three years of updates
bruh -______-

  • Tomoko

If LG commit OS update support long ago, it will remain strong. Anyway, LG may still have a chance, like Nokia, back into smartphone arena once the worldwide pandemic crisis is over if LG proven keep it pledges continue support the software update.

Wow, 3 security updates. Gg LG.! Go home, you're drunk.

That's two more updates than my unlocked LG G5 ever got a three more updated than my T-Mobile variant of the LG V20. I never got a single update for my V20 and my G5 went from Marshmallow to Nougat and that's it.

Some carrier variants got Oreo. In fairness, I never cared for Oreo though. My favorite is Pie followed by Nougat and Marshmallow. Oreo messed up battery life on my first generation Pixel. So I didn't mind if both my G5 and V20 were stuck on Nougat.

I will miss LG though. They never got left-leaning political like Google and Apple did cheating an election and their censorship towards conservatives by deleting stuff to help their cause. My top 3 favs are LG and old school Motorola and Nokia from the Aughts.

Talk is cheap, LG is betting people will forget about it. Currently it’s a hot topic and they need to save face. You can take your V60 back with it’s fault usb c slot.

  • Anonymous

Sandy, 08 Apr 2021Only if they had announced it earlier, might have survived... moreLG is giving Mobile OS update for its primium Mobile (s)
This means & is a clue that
LG will be Rebranding itself in 2023

  • LG deserves it

K babu, 08 Apr 2021Lenovo should learn from LG . They don't update the gl... moreThen why keep buying lenovo phones, you have a lot of choices.

  • kek

Knowing LG, I seriously dont know what to expect tbh.

  • ko

The text is wrong. The LG V50 was launched with android 9, that would put it up in line for receiving Android 12, not 13.

  • Arod

i know LG is slow on updates
which good thing to ME, because i can make excuse why im gonna keep my v50 for three years

  • Arod

YES the v50 is getting THREE YEARS OF UPDATES
man buying that v50 gonna gonna worth it

  • Sandy

Only if they had announced it earlier, might have survived till now!

Lenovo should learn from LG . They don't update the global models. Here's the story and hope you will raise Question for customers. Launched in 2019, Lenovo Z6 Pro runs Android 9 out of box on Snapdragon 855 platform with 8Gigs of ram. They've updated from April to October Security Patch and nothing else. Literally nothing, while Chinese version updated to Android 11 !!!! They don't even respond on forum's and social media, one last reply was ' no more updates planned'. Even Z6 Pro is a top notch gaming with PC Level Cooling in 2019 and excellent camera's!! But the point is they don't care about updating the phone for rest of the World customers.

  • Anonymous

what about the indian lg G8X varients,we did not get android 11 till date and last security updates is in sept 2020

Bigmeme, 08 Apr 2021Wow!! My G8X will get android 12Have you received 11?

Good News... But hope LG will deliver!